EMC Isilon Building Blocks- An Overview

It’s that time again – EMC World 2014 is just around the corner! EMC World is one of the most forward-looking conferences in the industry. IT stars, hands-on product demos, hundreds of technical sessions on every nuance of IT life, networking galore – whatever your IT or business role, you’ll find yourself at EMC World. I am very excited about what EMC Isilon has in store for you this May.

In product marketing, we use a concept called “building blocks”.  The building blocks are the core technology on which new capabilities and features are built to provide a complete solution for our customers.

Our core building blocks include an ingenious scalable single volume file system, an architecture that scales-out and grows as your data grows, a  multi-protocol big data lake and enterprise grade features that you have come to expect to protect, secure and manage your data.

New features are added to the core technology in response to customer demands. You heard it right! We periodically REDEFINE our products.  The goal from our point of view is to provide a solid, cost-effective unstructured data storage solution that meets a variety of business needs. The net effect is an evolving, improving set of products that fill an ever-increasing set of demands.

So, what’s all this have to do with EMC World?  Understanding our “building blocks” would be a great way for new customers to learn about EMC Isilon and for our existing customers to review them in preparation for the event. In fact I’ll bet that we already have some features and capabilities you haven’t discovered yet! For the next few weeks we will be writing in more detail about some of the pieces of our current “building blocks”, including:

  • OneFS operating system
  • Scale-Out NAS Architecture
  • Big Data / Data Lake on Isilon
  • Enterprise Grade Features

And to see how all these blocks come together to drive business value; come join our President, Bill Richter, on May 7th at the EMC Isilon Keynote. So register for EMC World here, sign up for this blog’s notifications, or keep checking back, and prepare for the excitement of this year’s EMC World!

About the Author: Suresh Sathyamurthy

Suresh Sathyamurthy is Global Vice President of Marketing for Dell EMC Cloud and Infrastructure Solutions Group with focus on Cloud Strategy/Services, Software Defined Solutions, AI/Machine Learning, IoT and Big Data Analytics platforms.