EMC World Monday Keynote – Live Blog

Today marks the beginning of EMC World in Las Vegas. With the booth complete, speaking sessions prepped and meetings lined up, VCE is ready for an exciting event. I’ll be live blogging the general session keynote today, providing news, pictures and analysis on the presentations and tweets throughout the web.

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Just caught a VCE featured quote! Less than 10 minutes to go until the keynote starts.


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One thing that everyone at the show is excited to learn is how EMC is “Redefining” itself. Wordplay aside, the old slogan about EMC as “where information lives,” may be soon be about “where innovation lives… and breathes.”

10:10 am PT

The news from EMC World has just been released! Take a look at the EMC releases on ViPR software-defined storage and hybrid cloud innovations:

10:20 am PT

Jonathan Martin, Chief Marketing Officer of EMC, just walked on stage with a guitar and pumped up the crowd! What a great start to the show!


10:26 am PT 

Joe Tucci, CEO of EMC, takes the stage with some traditional mariachi band.

Tucci starts off his presentation discussing how the industry is changing, how companies are changing to meet the new industry needs.

He states that IDC’s recent study discusses that there will be a need for 8 million more IT professionals in he industry, but they’re going to need to do more with less. In fact 5x times more.

10:42 am PT

EMC is redefining themselves to be more relevant to customers and more relevant for the third platform of IT – mobile, cloud, social, and big data. In fact, EMC just announced its acquisition of DSSD. Andy Bechtolsheim is welcomed on stage to discuss the new technology, which is meant to accelerate deployments with Hadoop and SAP HANA.

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10:50 am PT

The third platform is redefining business in every sector and every industry – its the applications you can build that is redefining what is happening – David Goulden

Goulden says we’re seeing applications redefining many industries. You can see it in Uber, Tesla and Nest. But the new application wave will also redefine storage. However, customers shouldn’t ignore the second platform. They need to invest in the third platform through these new applications, but they also need to support their second platform.

10:55 am PT

Goulden states that EMC has close to half of the entire market for reference architectures and converged infrastructures – thanks to VCE Vblock Systems!


10:58 am PT

Now Goulden is reviewing the strength of EMC’s flash array – EMC’s dominance in flash is evident and it’s clear from the keynote that the lead will only extend.


11:02 am PT

EMC puts a million dollars in an EMC XtremIO machine!

11:12 am PT

Goulden announces that ViPR 2.0 has been announced and will ship this quarter. He also notes that Scale IO is showing that EMC is committed to support for VMware, OpenStack and Microsoft.


11:15 am PT

With ViPR 2.0, EMC is also announcing the geographic replication and distribution – which can automatically serve as a truly global cloud solution. This will be part of the larger software-define storage story from EMC.

11:22 am PT

Goulden also announces the Dell EMC Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) appliance, stating three things to remember:

  1. Complete
  2. Cloud scale – exabyte scale
  3. Any data center – enterprise or service providers

This is important because EMC is taking the appliance motif and extending it to a variety of storage configurations.


 11:25 am PT

Goulden concludes by stating that most IT spending in 2014 is on prem, in fact EMC cites $2 trillion, but 25% of spending is off-prem. So EMC thinks that the cloud will be hybrid. EMC is dedicated to standing up a hybrid cloud in days vs month or weeks. In fact, two days. EMC is announcing a hybrid cloud solution with EMC and VMware technologies. For example, this can accelerate the natural extension of any private cloud infrastructure built on a Vblock System to become a hybrid cloud environment in just two days.

Stay tuned for a later blog on our participation in Build a Hybrid Cloud Live!

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