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Yesterday was a terrific opening day of EMC World. The announcements from Joe Tucci, CEO of EMC, and David Goulden, CEO of EMC Information Infrastructure, provided new product innovations, including ViPR 2.0, EMC Elastic Cloud Storage, and Hybrid Cloud, as well as their acquisition of DSSD. Today I’ll be live blogging the keynotes from Pat Gelsinger, CEO of VMware, and Paul Maritz, CEO of Pivotal. Stay tuned! Keep refreshing this page for updates.

 10:04 am PT

Jonathan Martin, CMO of EMC, just took the stage on day two of EMC World. They noted that there were more than 15,000 tweets that went out about EMC World – many of which were from VCE!

EMC is also providing an update on the EMC Build a Hybrid Cloud – built on Vblock Systems. Make sure you stop by the Build a Hybrid cloud booth in the Solutions Arcade.


10:11 am PT

Pat Gelsinger, CEO of VMware just took the stage at EMC World, here to discuss the future of IT as software-defined. He noted that the industry is dramatically shifting, where IT budgets are flat and enterprises need to save money for today’s IT while building the future for the mobile cloud world.

10:16 am PT

The big shift in 1989 was the rise of the PC as compared to the mini computers, where many enterprises are adopting BYOD to enable their employee’s productivity and agility. And now, hardware defined data centers is shifting to software-defined, this shift to software-defined (software defined data center) will be the next major shift for enterprise IT.

10:19 am PT

Gelsinger is discussing software-defined storage and the disruption to the existing storage market. He notes that the hypervisor opens up new opportunities for  enterprise. He is covering separating the control and data planes in storage and delivering abstracted services using the hypervisor.

10:30 am PT

Today about 70% of applications are virtualized, but VMware hopes to virtualize 100% of applications in the world.

Today Gelsinger is announcing support of Virtualized SAP HANA on vSphere 5.5. VCE has a Vblock Specialized System for SAP HANA and is very excited about this new innovation and what it will bring to our customers.

10:32 am PT

Virtualized HANA should deliver better SLAs, lower TCO, and faster time to market through automated deployments of SAP HANA.

10:37 am PT


10:42 am PT

Gelsinger is discussing management in the software-defined data center. Management is the interface to enabling speed and agility with control and efficiency. VMware helps do that through automation and management and are building their portfolio to address these challenges for the future. Their platform helps with cloud automation, cloud operations and cloud business. Their mission is to enable IT to deliver IT as a Service. They’re working closely with EMC to bring these three tools together.


10:45 am PT

Gelsinger is discussing VCAC to build service catalogs to provision software defined storage or SDS. Gelsinger noted that the hybrid cloud is the future. The on premise spend on private cloud is $2 trillion while off premise clouds is about $44 billion.

10:48 am PT

Now covering vCloud Hybrid Service (vCHS). VMware is working closely with EMC to provide this hybrid cloud.

 10:55 am PT

Gelsinger is discussing the Hybrid Cloud. Customers can use the hybrid cloud to modernize their apps and improve their disaster recovery capabilities as well as capacity on demand. VCE will help customers get to their hybrid cloud requirements, we offer plugins into off premise cloud providers. EMC is demonstrating this on site with Vblock Systems at EMC World in their Build a Hybrid Cloud demonstration.

10:56 am PT

In essence Gelsinger’s message focused on the tectonic shifts in IT, software-defined data centers and hybrid clouds. 6V2A7452

10:58 am PT

Paul Maritz, CEO of Pivotal, just took the stage. He’s discussing the move to the third generation platform – specifically the cloud.

11:01 am PT

Maritz is discussing how analytics are critical for making applications more usable and how Google and Facebook have been able to create innovative platforms by quickly analyzing their customer data.

11:03 am PT

Maritz looked at Google and Facebook’s ability to take advantage of their data center to drive value to the third generation platform, focusing on scale. Pivotal exists to help enterprises to get to the third generation platforms. They focus on providing scale and speed with large amounts of data. He’ll be giving an update for where Pivotal is on its journey.


11:09 am PT

Martiz noted that Cloud Foundry is the new OS for the cloud. Cloud Foundry is an open source ecosystem to create the OS with broad industry participation. VCE is very involved in the open ecosystems and can run Cloud Foundry on a Vblock System.

11:16 am PT

Cloud Foundry can be used to automate application deployment, and to accelerate enterprise’s journey to the Hybrid Cloud by using vCHS or AWS as the off premise cloud providers. Martiz is covering the big data suite to build a data lake, which is the third generation data base for the cloud. Pivotal wants to store anything and analyze anything in the cloud.

11:19 am PT

HDFS will be the file system for the data lake.

11:20 am PT


11:26 am PT

Pivotal took HDFS from Hadoop and layered on Gemfire and Greenplum to create their data lake software. They redefined the way they license the solution so customers will only have to pay for data that is being worked on and will not have to pay for data at rest. This will also help customers store everything more effectively. Customers can choose run Hadoop and HDFS on Vblock Systems. We’re working closely with Pivotal to provide this solution to our customers.

11:29 am PT

Pivotal is demonstrating how to leverage the third generation platform.


11:38 am PT

Overall, Pivotal’s demo showed how their software can enable enterprises to automatically deploy complex applications and move them to heterogeneous off premise clouds.

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