EMC’s OpenStack “Round Up” in Austin

EMC Helps Customers Build, Extend and Optimize their Cloud Solutions

EMC is coming out strong at the Austin OpenStack Summit conference this week. As part of this year’s premier sponsorship, EMC will showcase exciting products and solutions with key partners, and extend its commitment to diversity through deeper engagement with the Women of Openstack community.

EMC is highlighting its comprehensive OpenStack strategy, which has gained significant traction with the OpenStack ecosystem and many of its customers. The strategy is founded upon EMC’s broader charter to enable organizations, especially IT departments, to transform themselves with products and solutions targeted at IT modernization, Data Center/Private Cloud automation and Cloud-enablement.


At its core, the strategy has three layered components:


The “build” component of EMC’s strategy provides customers the foundational elements needed to architect a Private/Hybrid Cloud based on OpenStack. EMC’s best-in-class storage and community commitment resides in this pillar including new drivers across its portfolio for the latest releases. Most recently, EMC has added new data protection solutions as well as assessment services to assist customers for both day one and day two operations.


The next pillar of EMC’s strategy enables customers to build atop their foundational OpenStack Cloud and “extend” it to run new and existing workloads (e.g. Test/Dev, QA, Web Services, Big Data, Database) as well as deploy exciting emerging technologies (e.g. containers, NFV, PaaS).


To address the complexities of deploying an OpenStack Cloud, EMC offers a platform delivering customers proven solutions that both simplify and optimize OpenStack implementations. EMC offerings in this phase include certified reference architectures with key partners, a Converged Infrastructure solution that provides Cloud services, be it OpenStack or others, and professional services to help our customers build their Clouds.

EMC believes each customer is on a unique OpenStack journey. As such, EMC has customized its solutions across three key deployment models (do-it-yourself, reference designs, converged systems) to provide customers what they need at the stage of adoption that they are in.  EMC meets customers on their own terms.

Spotlight: Software-Defined Storage

EMC’s commitment and investment to deliver leading software-defined storage solutions for OpenStack has increased dramatically over the past several months. With its 2.0 release, ScaleIO (EMC’s scale-out block storage platform) extended its position as the most scalable open transactional SDS on the market with new native support for Ubuntu (version 14.04 LTS).  To make it easy on customers for Day 2 operations, ScaleIO functionality includes polling the Ubuntu repository for kernel upgrades and then performing the upgrade automatically!


Click here for more information on ScaleIO.

In addition, plug-ins for ScaleIO have been created for both Canonical’s Juju (available in Canonical’s Charm Store in Q2) and Mirantis’ Fuel to enable quick and easy deployment. For fans of Puppet, here is the link to the ScaleIO plug-in available on Forge.  If you want to know more, read the EMC {code} team’s blog highlighting storage operations with Juju Charms.  To get up to speed on the impact EMC’s Object Storage product is making in OpenStack read the blog.


Women of OpenStack

EMC is reaffirming its commitment to the Women of OpenStack community. At this year’s OpenStack Summit, EMC will be delivering two sessions: a “Git and Gerrit” lunch and learn promoting community programming, and, a “Champions for Change” workshop.  In addition, EMC will be co-sponsoring a social event with IBM and Intel.

Click here for more information on EMC’s commitment to Diversity and Inclusion.

For more information on EMC’s presence at the Austin Summit, please visit our OpenStack Community page.  Check out our video on OpenStack here.

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