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The APEX Console empowers your business with a flexible consumption-based operating model.

APEX is available across industries. Dell’s as-a-Service portfolio is leveraging the best-of-breed performance and features that most companies’ workloads require. We understand that not every IT challenge fits nicely within a pre-defined solution. APEX addresses the need for individually tailored solutions delivered with the same flexible consumption-based business and operating model.

The first step of your companies’ journey starts with the APEX Console, an easily accessible catalog of outcome-based services. APEX Console provides your organization the ability to quickly provision services, scale resources on demand, predict your usage with transparent pricing and maximize your performance. IT decision makers and the C-suite play a crucial role when driving innovation, managing IT operations and identifying emerging technologies. We all know that progress and success in these areas can be difficult to quantify due to the amount of ambiguity and complexity involved in business.

Driving modern IT initiatives isn’t easy, and as your organization’s digital business leader, we understand that you have a lot to handle. To maintain a competitive advantage, you ensure there is a suitable technology for different use cases and there is the proper support for all areas of the business, including developers and architectures. Apart from that, you also look for security, reliability, flexibility and management to make sure you never run out of capacity. By analyzing and understanding each of these variables, our APEX Console team put together a secure, self-service, multi-cloud orchestration platform where you can identify, configure, deploy, monitor and expand your APEX services quickly and easily all in one place.

Being a successful business enabler, driving innovation and ensuring that customer needs are met are not easy tasks. For challenges like these, we realize how important having access to accurate data is so you can make informed decisions about the technology you are about to deploy across your organization. Especially when it comes to IT infrastructure, you want to accelerate your timelines and put your resources to use fast. Our APEX Console team is here to take on the heavy lift, so you are up and running, saving time and labor costs, and delivering value to your customers faster. Moreover, our APEX Console provides you the ability to manage everything from procurement to health monitoring. Our portfolio of infrastructure offerings includes additional, fully managed services and solutions that free you to focus on leveraging the capabilities your organization needs to innovate.

Our customers will keep being our main priority, and we as an organization know that having the right IT in place and leveraging a cloud-first and data-centric mentality is essential in today’s digital economy.

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Guilherme Milanezi

About the Author: Guilherme Milanezi

Guilherme Milanezi is a member of the Dell Technologies APEX Console Product Marketing team, where he drives roadmaps and sustainable initiatives to deliver compelling end-to-end customer experiences to the APEX Console. Guilherme joined Dell in 2019 with over six years of experience in the Inbound and Digital Marketing space. Previously, Guilherme worked as a Product Manager in the biggest private bank in Brazil - ITAU BANK, leading B2B banking products on digital channels such as Desktop and Mobile apps. Curiosity and continuous learning are underlying passions that drive Guilherme’s engine and motivate him to keep exploring viable approaches and inspiring people.