Enabling the Future Ready Enterprise through Dell Software Solutions at DWUF

Dell World Software User Forum kicked off this Tuesday, October 20. The event brings together industry leaders and IT professionals to discover technologies and solutions that are transforming the IT landscape and giving organizations a competitive edge.

John Swainson, President, Dell Software, opened the event welcoming the audience of more than 500 executives, IT managers and operators gathered at the Hilton Hotel in Downtown Austin, and discussed the fundamental challenges of the Future-Ready Enterprise:

  • Massive increase of connected devices: currently 28 billion
  • Rise of data: 5.2 terabytes of data for every person on the planet
  • Soaring number of threats: 45 percent of executives report hourly cyber attacks
  • Demand for mobile apps: 100 percent apps will be mobile first in 2017

Mr. Swainson showed evidence of Dell Software portfolio leadership in addressing those challenges, stressing that the real test is the feedback and confidence received from customers.

He was followed by Tom Joyce, VP and GM, Dell Systems and Information Management, who announced the launch of several new solutions around Data Backup, Recovery and Migrations; Unified Communications Suite; Virtualization, Cloud and Device Management during Dell World.

Tom then invited on stage Curtis Hutcheson, VP and GM, Dell Security Solutions. Curtis profiled the anatomy of an identity theft and data breaches, showing how Dell Software’s advanced technologies such as Adaptive Authentication, Sandbox Capability and Protected Workspace are efficiently improving security for businesses worldwide.

Matt Wolken, VP and GM, Information Management, showed the audience how Dell capabilities around Analytics, Data Management and Integration come together with Dell Infrastructure, Services and Security offerings to deliver progressive levels of Big Data maturity to its customers.

Finally, Dell Software’s President came back to invite participants for the more than 100 breakout sessions on Data Protection, Identity and Access Management, Network Security, Systems Management and Windows Management that are taking place during the three days of the Software User Forum.

What were some of the most fascinating aspects you learned during the Dell World Software User Forum?

About the Author: Andre Piazza