Envision a Safer and Smarter World with Dell PowerScale

See how Dell PowerScale, a new standard in unstructured data storage, enables organizations to unlock the potential of video data, maintain the integrity of assets, and innovate their businesses.

In my previous blog, I described how video data is growing faster than ever before with the increase in device count and the emergence of new devices with higher resolution and better picture quality. One interesting thing to note is that most video data is unstructured in nature. Unstructured data holds huge potential to help business leaders understand business results, anticipate what’s coming, and act quickly on risk and opportunity. To stay competitive, organizations need an enterprise-grade, scalable and reliable infrastructure to handle the explosive growth of unstructured data.

In June, we announced Dell PowerScale, a new family of storage systems engineered with industry-leading storage software and server hardware to set a new industry standard for how organizations capture and capitalize on unstructured data. Dell PowerScale configured with the PowerScale OneFS operating system forms the next evolution of scale-out NAS solutions. OneFS provides the intelligence behind the highly scalable, high-performance modular storage solution that can grow with the business.

  • Simplicity at any scale – Capacity and performance are provisioned only when needed. With a single namespace, single file system environments, and enterprise-class data services, customers get simplicity, flexibility, and performance with increased efficiency and new automation capabilities – all at a lower cost. PowerScale provides simplicity and data protection for the most challenging video management applications.
  • Any data, anywhere – PowerScale can handle a wide variety of data types with its multi-protocol support. With the introduction of S3 support, customers can run modern applications that rely on object storage. In addition, multi-protocol access also enables limitless flexibility to run workloads that can store data with one protocol and access data with a different protocol. In a data-first world, PowerScale provides the optimum fusion of IT best practices with emerging physical security requirements.
  • Intelligent insights – PowerScale enables data to be turned into insights with the inclusion of CloudIQ, which delivers insights into the health of systems across the data center, and DataIQ, which delivers data insights and data mobility, making it easy for anyone to find and understand data. With the digital transformation taking place in safety and security and associated solutions, PowerScale provides unique toolsets for data insights.

The minimum node size is 3 with PowerScale – customers can start small at a lower entry point and require less rack space. PowerScale is ideally suited for small scale deployments requiring 40-50 cameras (such as airport duty-free shops) up to thousands of cameras (like parking lots and big stadiums). PowerScale’s intelligent insights enable customers to automatically identify suspicious behavior and provide alerts in real time.

Check out this webinar and visit our website to find out more about how Dell PowerScale, a new standard in unstructured data storage, enables organizations to unlock the potential of video data, maintain the integrity of assets and innovate their businesses.

About the Author: Vincent Ricco

Vince Ricco joined the Dell Technologies’ Unstructured Data Solutions team in the role of Business Development Manager for Safety and Security following and extensive career in both IT network infrastructure and physical security. Vince has held a variety of business and technical roles in these industries including SVP of Sales and Marketing at Allied Telesis, Inc., and most recently as Technology Partner Manager at Axis Communications with a focus on Validated End-to-End solutions combining the strengths of market leading technologies to provide best of bread solutions for the Safety and Security and IoT Vision markets. Vince’s most recent work has been in areas of multi-vendor cyber security, device lifecycle management, multi-sensor integrations and edge to cloud-based analytics collection and dashboard delivery technologies. He has been an active content provider for IT, IoT and Physical Security Publications as well as frequent speaker and panelist at top Physical Security, IT and IoT Tradeshows and Events.