Episode #59: The Edge is Still Bleeding – Chad Sakac VMworld 2016 Breakout Session

The Chinese proverb: May you live in interesting times. Well congratulations, we all live in very interesting times. And, from an IT perspective, we live in unprecedented times. What is happening is we have entered into the digital era. This is the biggest shift to happen in business since the industrial revolution”, Joe Tucci, EMC Chief Executive Officer quoted during EMC World 2015.

Together, we have an incredibly powerful set of capabilities. Our goal is to be your most trusted, most innovative partner…We believe we’ve created the next great technology company…and we’ve created it just for you.”
Michael Dell quoted Day One of “Dell Technologies”

Introducing Dell Technologies.

We believe technology exists to drive human progress on a global scale—to create new markets, reshape industries and improve the lives of every person on the planet. Our unique combination and unprecedented capabilities power true transformation for people and organizations everywhere.dell-technologies

These are unprecedented times, and the dawn of a new day as Dell Technologies.  For more information on Dell Technologies, please visit www.delltechnologies.com

EMC The Source podcast will also transform, more details on Dell EMC The Source over the coming weeks.  But first, having just returned from EMC VMworld 2016, I have a tremendous amount of content to share.  It’s important to put that content into context.  VMworld 2016 August 28th to September 1, 2016 was conducted before the official creation of Dell Technologies on September 7th.  While my guests may refer to EMC product announcements and in some cases futures, rest assured all of the products and features will seamlessly transform to Dell EMC products, technologies and solutions.

So while I may introduce a few of them as “Your Source for EMC Products, Technologies and Solutions” the only thing that has really changed is “Dell EMC” and the inclusion of additional products for expanding our already rich technology portfolio.   These are indeed “interesting times” and while I look back and thank Joe Tucci for all he has done, I look forward to the new dawn of Dell Technologies led by Michael Dell.

With that…  Let’s go straight to what I consider the MUST ATTEND Breakout Session of VMworld 2016 in its entirety, unedited audio format, Chad Sakac (@sakacc) the VirtualGeek – The Edge is Still Bleeding.

emc-the-source-59-sam-marraccini-chad-sakac-breakoutSDDC9462-SPO The Edge is Still Bleeding: A face-melting technical smorgasbord of all things Converged, Hyper-Converged, Cloud Native & Software Defined. 

Abstract: So much technology change. So much more business pressure. Do you feel the pace of change is becoming impossible? I do. That means it’s time to make decisions about what’s boring and what matters – and get focused. This is an incredibly difficult and mind blowing task for IT organizations to undergo. In this session, we will discuss all things related to converged and hyper-converged infrastructure, looking at buy vs. build models and what the future holds. We’ll roll up our sleeves to examine Cloud Native Apps and take a look at Native Hybrid Cloud strategies, diving deeper into the Software Defined Storage world and view its impact in the modern data center – which by definition, lives on and off-premises. In typical Chad fashion, we’ll get our hands dirty with tons of live demos and sneak peeks of Software Defined Storage and Cloud Native Solutions.

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The Source Podcast: Episode #59: The Edge is still Bleeding with Chad Sakac

EMC: The Source Podcast is hosted By Sam Marraccini (@SamMarraccini)

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Sam Marraccini is a 18-year EMC veteran and 27-year technology veteran. Part of the Dell EMC Global Portfolio Marketing Team, Sam is focused on developing and evangelizing the unique benefits of Dell EMC Products, Technologies and Solutions