Evolution of Converged Infrastructure Solutions

Back in March in our Simplicity.Next launch, we shared VCE’s vision of the Converged Infrastructure market, and the expectation that you would see VCE deliver new platforms and solutions in rapid intervals as the market continues to evolve.

In the two short months since then, we are seeing an even further acceleration of business to cloud speed. Rather than being an exception to the rule, operating at cloud speed is now the “new normal.” As fast as business is changing, IT leaders are challenged to respond even faster.

Not surprisingly in this environment, IT organizations simply cannot afford to delve down into the build-out and operation of their data center infrastructure at the individual component levels of compute, network and storage.

For enterprises and service providers, the operational complexity of their applications and services has increased exponentially in the cloud and big data era. We are seeing platform 3 (web-scale applications) being introduced alongside today’s mission critical applications. VCE’s vision of expansion with a full portfolio of converged infrastructure system choices, and vertically with greater factory integration of M&O technology and applications, is intended to bring simplicity and agility to our customers.

To be clear, for the vast majority of enterprise and service provider customers, they are best served by VCE’s Vblock Systems and VxBlock Systems. However, these same customers are grappling with the introduction of platform 3 applications in their data center, and the urgency they are facing in addressing this need is growing.

Today, VCE expands its portfolio with the introduction of VxRack Systems, the industry’s first hyper-converged Rackscale Systems, that come with the same unrivaled VCE experience that our customers have come to expect from us.

The VxRack Systems address our customers’ need to meet the realities of their new normal with a hyper-converged offering that is optimized for massive web-scale applications, and can grow from dozens of servers and scale to many thousands of servers.

Just as we’ve always provided our customers with rock-solid, classic converged infrastructure solutions, we now give them the additional capability to deploy Blocks alongside our new VxRack hyper-converged platform through the Vscale architecture and VCE’s Vision software for even greater flexibility and a unified data center approach.

With the addition of the VxRack Systems hyper-converged offering, VCE and EMC extend convergence to cover all three categories – Blocks, Racks and Appliances – to make up the most comprehensive Converged Solutions portfolio in the industry and to accelerate and simplify the journey to the cloud.

Exciting times!

About the Author: Nina Hargus