Expanded Virtual Lab 2.0 and New OptiPlex FX170 and FX130

Today we announced additions to our desktop virtualization solutions portfolio including an enhanced Dell Virtual Lab 2.0 solution and new Dell OptiPlex FX170 and FX130 thin client offerings. The new and improved Virtual Lab 2.0 designed for colleges and universities now comes with validation testing on six of the most popular applications with increased mobile access with seven more to be completed by the end of the year. Applications include Adobe Premiere Pr CS3, AutoCad 2DLT, Wolfram Mathmatica 7, Mathworks MatLab, SAS and IBM SPSS.

For those of you unfamiliar with Virtual Labs, Christopher Dawson of ZDNet explains it well:

What does all of this [virtual labs] mean? It means that when a student needs access to a high-end workstation running the latest specialized software, they can connect via PC-over-IP zero clients that can reside in any number of locations completely separate from the workstation that can live securely in a data center under the watchful eye of administrators. It means that students can, from the mobile or desktop device of their choosing, access standardized lab environments without consuming space and energy with underutilized public labs. It means that those public labs can be converted to ultra-energy-efficient thin client labs connecting to virtual desktops and it means that students can always enter the same, customized environment with a complete set of applications, regardless of their physical location.

The new offerings will complement the recently launched Dell Desktop Virtualization Solutions (DDVS), a solution portfolio that leverages pre-packaged services with configured and tested hardware and software to deliver the datacenter architecture necessary to provide desktop virtualization capabilities. Whether you’re a student, faculty member or administrator, there is a need for anytime access to data and applications bringing increased expectations of support from IT staff.

In addition to Virtual Lab 2.0, today the new Dell OptiPlex FX170 and FX130thin client desktop offerings are available. The FX170 is designed for our customers focused on multimedia and content creation, while the FX130 is ideal for application and task-based environments with optional support for dual monitors. These are the smallest of our OptiPlex systems at less than 1.5 inches wide and weighing less than 1.5 pounds, and are designed to fit in a variety of small spaces and environments. Dell ProSupport warranty also comes standard. These solutions provide centralized control of Windows Embedded and DeTOS thin clients and allow access to Citrix XenApp or Xen Desktop, Microsoft Remote Desktop Services, VMware View and web-based applications.

Also now available is the OptiPlex 390, an addition to the family of business desktops including the OptiPlex 990 and OptiPlex 790. The 390 series includes the minitower, desktop and small form-factor chassis, with next-gen Intel processors and a minimum of 10% post-consumer recycled plastic enclosure and recyclable packaging.

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About the Author: Sarah Richardson Luden