Experience AI with NVIDIA H100 on Dell Servers

NVIDIA H100 on Dell R750 servers enable the AI-ready Enterprise - try it on LaunchPad today and discover how.

NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs on Dell PowerEdge servers enable the AI-ready enterprise — try them out today on NVIDIA LaunchPad, which provides free, hands-on labs that give companies access to the latest hardware and NVIDIA AI software.

What’s spurring the dramatic move to AI as a mainstream business enabler? Data and computing power. Today’s organizations have an unprecedented amount of data and access to high-performance computing (HPC), which, in turn, can enable data scientists to solve extraordinary challenges. The key to success for innovating modern enterprises? An AI-ready, end-to-end enterprise platform capable of taking on next-generation performance challenges.

Rapidly Kickstart AI Initiatives with New Performance Solutions

Dell’s NVIDIA-Certified PowerEdge systems with NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs and NVIDIA AI Enterprise, an end-to-end, cloud-native suite of AI and data analytics software, answer the challenge – and now you can try NVIDIA H100 GPUs on NVIDIA Launchpad, built on Dell Technologies PowerEdge servers. See for yourself how we’re making AI and its game-changing possibilities accessible to nearly every organization, with the highest performance in training, inference and data science.

Now, customers can immediately try the new technology and experience how Dell’s NVIDIA-Certified Systems with H100 and NVIDIA AI Enterprise optimize the development and deployment of AI workflows  to build AI chatbots, recommendation engines, vision AI and more.

By enabling an order-of-magnitude leap for large-scale AI and HPC, the H100 GPU deployed inside Dell PowerEdge servers delivers unprecedented performance, scalability and security for every data center. And, because NVIDIA AI Enterprise together with NVIDIA H100 simplifies the building of an AI-ready platform, organizations can gather insights faster and achieve business value sooner.

The new H100 GPU is optimal for delivering the fastest business outcomes with the latest accelerated servers in the Dell EMC PowerEdge portfolio, starting with the R750xa. The PowerEdge R750xa boosts workloads to new performance heights with GPU and accelerator support for demanding workloads including enterprise AI. With its enhanced, air-cooled design and supporting up to four NVIDIA double-width GPUs, the PowerEdge R750xa server is purpose-built for optimal performance for the entire spectrum of HPC, AI-ML/DL training and inferencing workloads.

Streamline Accelerated AI Deployment with New Resources

NVIDIA AI Enterprise includes proven, open-source containers and frameworks that ease adoption of enterprise AI, including speech AI, often used for automated customer support and digital sales agents, and computer vision, used for segmentation, classification and detection.

Dell’s NVIDIA-Certified PowerEdge Servers, featuring all the capabilities of H100 GPUs and working in tandem with the NVIDIA AI Enterprise software suite, enable every enterprise to excel with AI.

Enterprise-grade support is also included with NVIDIA AI Enterprise, giving organizations the transparency of open source and the confidence that comes with a solution that is proven and backed by Dell and NVIDIA, as well as our worldwide services partner network. When combined, the ability to streamline the AI workflow from the initial stages of data prep to model training, inference and deployment at scale empowers both AI practitioners and IT administrators to keep AI projects on track.

Dell’s NVIDIA-Certified Systems with H100 and NVIDIA AI Enterprise are performant, versatile and efficient, providing the fastest AI training on large models with the NVIDIA H100 Transformer Engine; the highest efficiency and security with second-generation NVIDIA Multi-Instance GPU (MIG) technology and confidential computing; and streamlined, market-leading inference performance using NVIDIA Triton Inference Server software. With the ability to accelerate a wide range of use cases and the flexibility to service the entire AI pipeline on one infrastructure, the platform provides effective resource sharing and the ability to scale to multi-GPU and multi-node configurations for maximum agility.

Now, organizations can service the AI pipeline on one infrastructure and adapt to the scale of business needs over time.

H100 accelerates exascale workloads with a dedicated Transformer Engine for trillion-parameter large language models. For small jobs, H100 can be partitioned down to right-sized MIG partitions. With Hopper’s confidential computing features, this scalable compute power can secure sensitive applications on shared data center infrastructure. These infrastructure advances, working in tandem with the NVIDIA AI Enterprise software suite, make the H100 the most powerful end-to-end AI and HPC data center platform.

Are you ready to experience the AI-ready enterprise platform for modern innovation?

Learn about all the AI workloads you can run on H100 with NVIDIA AI Enterprise via LaunchPad hands-on labs here.

Download the NVIDIA AI Enterprise software suite for H100 and register for NVIDIA support here.

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