Explore Your Possibilities with PowerEdge at Dell Technologies World

Check out and bookmark these must-see sessions on the latest PowerEdge server technologies.

Dell Technologies World, taking place May 22-25, 2023, at the Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada, is a great opportunity to see how the latest PowerEdge servers can help customers explore the possibilities to take their business to the next level.

See the new PowerEdge portfolio, including the new acceleration-optimized edge and scale servers – all purpose-built, intelligent, cyber-resilient and sustainable. This is your chance to pop the hood and kick the tires on some of our newest servers. At Dell Technologies World, you can view key technology advances and improvements to our servers, hear from experts how PowerEdge can drive your digital transformation and see real-life demos of PowerEdge in action.

Don’t miss these expert-led sessions:

Best practices for implementing efficient artificial intelligence outcomes

Build, train and deploy artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) models faster, utilizing existing frameworks and transfer learning. Learn when serial processing using CPUs are a better fit for your AI/ML needs and when parallel processing using GPUs to help improve efficiency makes more sense. This session will describe scenarios and cover indicators to determine the optimal time to transition to GPUs, as well as AI inferencing use cases and the PowerEdge servers that enable them. Session ID: 1508P-1

Explore the potential of the Omniverse with Dell Technologies and NVIDIA

NVIDIA Omniverse is a scalable, multi-GPU, real-time reference development platform for building and operating metaverse applications based on NVIDIA OVX. Join Dell and NVIDIA experts to learn how we’re partnering to deliver next-gen technologies for digital twins and 3D workflows. Understand how using digital Twins can digitally solve real-world problems and how using modelling and continuous feedback can help reduce development time. Session ID: 1507P-1

Secure your IT with a Zero Trust approach and cyber-resilient architecture

Discover how to accelerate your implementation of your Zero Trust strategy through all stages of your PowerEdge server lifecycle, from design to decommission. Learn more about the flexibility and breadth of PowerEdge security controls that create a cyber resilient infrastructure as the foundation for your Zero Trust approach. Session ID: 1506P-1

Learn how to automate Day 0 through Day N operations with iDRAC and OpenManage

A new server lands on your loading dock. Getting it up and running into production should be easy – and it is! See for yourself how iDRAC, OpenManage Enterprise and the broader OpenManage ecosystem provides the easiest and fastest deployment of enterprise servers in your data centers. We will discuss step-by-step how to configure, provision, monitor and service your servers effortlessly and securely with increased automation. Session ID: 1505P-1

Five steps to speed application performance and plan for the future

See firsthand how technologies are being integrated for the next decade. Application peak performance can be greatly impacted by component choices like E3.S, NVMe, hot-swappable BOSS and PERC 12. Discover storage technology roadmaps and walk away with the tested and proven performance knowledge to choose the right configurations to remove risk, improve performance and reduce cost. Session ID: 1504P-1

Discover multicloud within reach with Open Manage Enterprise ecosystem tools

Workloads are increasingly moving to multicloud and hybrid environments. You need tools that can manage these transforming environments without the heavy burden of adding new skill sets and cost. You’ll learn about VMware vCenter, Windows Admin Center (WAC), Terraform, Red Hat Ansible and ServiceNow integrations with a demo of how to deploy PowerEdge clusters and manage via VMware vCenter and Microsoft Azure Arc to help you identify the right tool for your multicloud environment. Session ID: 1503P-1

Simplify your transition to high-performance liquid cooling

It’s a fact that liquid cooling provides greater performance and efficiency, but change can be scary. With Dell’s new integrated-rack direct liquid cooling (DLC) solutions, including hardware and key support services, the leap to the future of cooling can be accomplished with less uncertainty and risk. The benefits? Reduced power consumption, lower operating costs, and increased performance per watt. See a technical demo of DLC vs. air-cooled benefits from rack density and performance per core per unit. Session ID: 1502P-1

Save power and maximize performance by right-sizing your infrastructure

Next-gen servers are delivering on the promise of significantly improved performance, but this performance drives greater power consumption. If you’re faced with only having the power and cooling budget to half-fill your current racks, you may have fallen into a density trap. Hear how to right-size your rack solution based on PowerEdge 16G platforms, all while limiting the disruptions to your data center. Session ID: 1501P-1

And that’s not all. At Dell Technologies World, you’ll get access to hundreds of expert-led sessions, panels, hands-on labs and keynotes covering a wide range of topics related to IT, innovation and digital transformation. For more information, browse the session catalog. This event is your chance to gain news skills, network and grow.

Register now for endless possibilities and join us in the PowerEdge area in the Modern Data Infrastructure booth (05-MDI).

Peter Waugh

About the Author: Peter Waugh

Peter is a Marketing Director responsible for all product marketing activities related to Dell Technologies PowerEdge server products. Peter joined Dell from IBM, where he played a key role in developing and executing their next generation network telecom strategy. His diverse background also includes experience in general management consulting and international consumer goods marketing. Peter holds a BA from Middlebury College and an MBA from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He is based in Austin.