Extend Long-Term Retention to Dell EMC’s Wide Ecosystem of Supported Clouds

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Dell EMC knows that the cloud is a key element of any modern data protection solution. That’s why our best-in-breed protection storage platforms enable users to easily extend to the cloud to benefit from the economics & agility that it can provide.

For modern disaster recovery, Dell EMC offers Data Domain Cloud Disaster Recovery (DD CDR) to copy backed-up VMs to the public cloud. And for long-term retention, Dell EMC offers Data Domain Cloud Tier (DD Cloud Tier) – which now supports additional cloud service providers as well as new support for highly-requested workloads. In this blog, we will focus on DD Cloud Tier.

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DD Cloud Tier helps simplify and automate an organization’s path to the cloud with automated and efficient movement of long-term retention data, thanks to its seamless integration and API extensibility. DD Cloud Tier sets Data Domain apart as the only protection storage offering that can natively-tier deduplicated data to the public, private or hybrid cloud for long-term retention.1 No separate cloud gateway or virtual appliance is required – which means that customers do not have to worry about any additional physical footprint or management overhead, and will see the benefits from Dell EMC’s advanced deduplication in their cloud environment.

DD Cloud Tier helps enterprises ensure that long-term retention data is protected with modern efficiency no matter what happens. For a complete Dell Technologies solution, Virustream Storage Cloud & Dell EMC Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) are both supported options for your long-term cloud retention needs. A number of third-party cloud service providers are supported as well, including Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.

Now with DD OS 6.1.1, Dell EMC is expanding cloud provider support for DD Cloud Tier to include Azure Government Cloud, IBM Cloud Object Storage (Standard), and Ceph Object Storage. With the ability to native-tier deduplicated long-term retention data to these new options, Dell EMC continues to deliver flexible protection with a wide ecosystem of both enterprise & homegrown applications as well as cloud service providers. You can even tier to two separate clouds from the same Data Domain system if you desire, allowing you to create the modern long-term cloud retention solution that is best for your organization’s needs.

Dell EMC Data Domain Cloud Tier

Furthermore, DD OS 6.1.1 expands on the existing DD Cloud Tier support for IBM’s TSM Virtual Tape Library (VTL) workloads with support for Dell EMC Networker and IBMi VTL workloads. This means that Data Domain VTL users will now be able to extend their TSM, IBMi and Networker VTL workloads to the cloud for long-term cloud retention along with the rest of their data ready to be held for retention. With minimal changes to workflow, you can quickly & easily replace your Physical Tape Library infrastructure with the Data Domain VTL supported long-term retention to Cloud workflow. This year is the ideal time to finally retire any remaining tape infrastructure with this expanded VTL support via DD Cloud Tier.

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1 Based on internal analysis, November 2016

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