Filesx founder a true one of a kind

Filesx was just acquired by IBMJacob Herbst, who is mentioned in this article, was one of the founders of Filesx.  I haven't seen him for awhile and want to say congratulations and hello.   

Jacob was the first great e-Bay enthusiast I knew.  He had an interest in some obscure cars and would pick up fenders, brake parts, carburetors, distributors, mirrors – you name it – and keep the stuff in his office until he figured out if he could use it or not.  Everyday was like Christmas morning for Jacob when the UPS delivery came.

He is also a very clever guy and a superb student of the human psyche.  FilesX began as an internet technology startup, but realized they weren't going to get the traction they needed.  Jacob called me (and several others I'm sure) for their opinions.  He explained what their technology was about and I told him I thought the basic function of redirecting reads could be re-purposed for storage.  We talked several times over the following months and it was fun seeing this idea take root.  Years later, I believe Jacob had seen this potential and led me down a conversation where I thought it was my idea – although it was his all along. Always challenging and always lots of fun, Jacob

So, I'm hoping the exit to IBM is a good one for Jacob and his team.   You never know how these things are; usually its a combination of happiness and disappointment. Whatever, the next time I see Jacob, I'm sure he will be smiling, its his signature move. 

About the Author: Marc Farley