FluidFS demonstrates linear performance scalability with 494,000 SPECsfs OPS

Yesterday, we published official performance results for our Fluid File System (FluidFS) technology, validating the strong investments we’ve made to meet the needs of performance-intensive enterprise workloads like film rendering, bioinformatics and electronic design automation.

So why should you invest in FluidFS technology? The proof is in the results … the performance results, that is. We posted the results from three FluidFS v2 configurations, built on the Compellent platform, to the Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation (SPEC) using the SPECsfs2008.nfs benchmark, a tool that measures the speed and request-handling capabilities of file serving devices.

The following set of submissions demonstrates the near-linear performance of FluidFS when scaling out. The smallest configuration, a single two-node FS8600 appliance and a single Compellent Storage Center array housing 36 SSDs, achieved 131,684 SPECsfs OPS. Each subsequent configuration doubled the number of appliances and drives. The largest configuration, four FS8600s (eight nodes) backed by two Storage Center arrays and 144 SSDs, resulted in 494,244 SPECsfs OPS.

This filing has verified FluidFS as one of the industry’s top-performing NAS solutions, delivering outstanding NFS value among leading NAS providers. Read our in-depth analysis of the submission here.

Standalone, these performance results are very good. In addition to growing with you and your needs, the FluidFS + Compellent solution is inherently efficient, especially when it comes to your budget. When considering the CAPEX required to build each of the configurations submitted to SPEC by leading storage vendors, FluidFS rises to the top, offering better file OPS performance at approximately one-third the price of the market leader1. Isilon submitted a configuration that produced 456,223 SPECsfs OPS with a 56-node cluster and 1,344 drives. Our solution achieved higher file OPS with just eight nodes and one-tenth the number of drives!

Dell Enterprise Forum is just a few days away, and with it comes more information about upcoming releases, hands-on product demos and technical deep-dive sessions. Amidst all of this excitement, our scale-out NAS storage is proving that it can deliver exceptional performance and value with a solution that can meet customer needs today and for years to come.

About the Author: Emily Rund