Forensic Training Network: Online/Onsite Training for Forensic Professionals

forensictraining As you’ve been reading, we have been posting about the 10 finalists from the Dell/NFIB Small Business Excellence Award program.  I think you’ll enjoy learning about our next winner.  Here’s a small business that is helping law enforcement teams across the country be more effective.

The Forensic Training Network based in San Francisco has been in business for two years and is filling a much needed gap in the world of forensics.  They provide online and onsite training services to crime lab employees, law enforcement personnel and attorneys on forensic science-related topics.  Their training is helping clients address budget shortfalls which can affect training and travel budgets by providing an affordable way for personnel to stay trained in the forensic field.

This company is the first in their industry to create online and self-paced training modules. Materials are available to clients at ForensicHub which also serves as a connection point for the forensics community.  The training modules which are interactive and available online 24/7, contain audio, animated graphics and simulated exercises to ensure training is rich and effective.

While this company has built a business that relies on IT, they are also relying on technology to run their firm.  Founding partners are located in different cities and yet don’t miss a beat staying in touch with each other and meeting client needs through smart use of online tools.  And their efforts are winning rave revues from clients in locations ranging from California to Texas to Nebraska.

Given how effective their training solution is, Forensic Training Network was also just awarded a federal grant to help make their services available to law enforcement personnel free of charge.  All in all, this is a great story of a small business meeting a critical need and delivering it through technology – and meeting that need helps keep all of us a little safer.

Congratulations to Forensic Training Network!

About the Author: Jillian Fisher