From IT Shop to Service Provider — The Future Ready Enterprise is Built on IT Services

For many organizations IT has long been viewed as a cost center. It’s considered a department where large expenditures are made every year in order to keep the lights on. But organizations have realized that IT services are the foundational enablers driving the business outcomes that future-ready enterprise strives to achieve. This is often a significant transformation for IT management and staff. That transformation doesn’t happen overnight.

That’s why Loy Allen and Bill Payne have drafted a point-of-view paper that helps organizations understand the complexities of the journey from an IT shop/cost center to an IT service provider for the future-ready enterprise. “As businesses and the broader market become more digitally enabled, IT is expected to do more than just keep the lights on — they need to provide capabilities that meet the business demands of a digital enterprise,” Loy and Bill contend.

Choosing the right partner to embark on this journey is key. The partner must be able to deliver on multiple fronts, from strategic insight to practical deployment. “Making the transformation from an IT shop to a comprehensive service provider is imperative,” they add.

The Dell Services Approach

At Dell Services, we work with our customers to help transform their IT capabilities into a full-service digital enterprise. Our approach is transformational and dynamic in nature, providing strategic drive and focused on IT business outcomes. This helps ensure that every dollar invested in IT, every resource allocated, and every application developed is working toward adding value to the enterprise that IT enables.

Dell can help you improve your IT service portfolio, effectively manage investments, decrease time to market for new services and offerings, increase innovation and achieve business-IT alignment — demonstrating the true value of IT for your business.

With a firm focus on business outcomes, the transformation from “keeping the lights on” to delivering innovation is enabled by a services-ready organization.

Cover of white paper: Developing a Roadmap to the Service-Enabled EnterpriseAbout the white paper

Typically, IT organizations have been viewed as a cost center, an expense of doing business or as a necessary evil. But the world is changing. This paper provides an overview of how Dell Consulting Services help organizations transform their IT function into a full-service digital enterprise.

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