Get Your Customers Ready for VR

Once the preserve of the gaming industry, VR is creating serious waves in sectors such as manufacturing, travel and education. Forward-thinking companies are investing in making VR work for them. And while there are some hurdles to clear, the possibilities are great – if they have the hardware to make it happen.

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The Making VR Real report, from Qualtrics, presents the findings of a broad industry survey, where 500 professionals — all of whom had worked on commercial VR projects — were questioned about the real-world business implications of VR. These survey results are released alongside six in-depth interviews, featuring VR experts from companies including EDF Energy, Jaguar Land Rover and Framestore.

In the report, we discuss the top trends for VR use, the challenges and benefits, and how our VR-ready workstations are the perfect platform for your customers’ next-generation projects.

Identifying the VR Opportunities

Looking past its use in the entertainment industry, the research as highlighted in Making VR Real suggests that VR has masses of potential across many sectors. From creating immersive experiences in the classroom to showcasing new product designs in 3D.

It’s no wonder companies are grappling to get on-board. But they face numerous options when it comes to the technology. Around 35 percent of BDMs surveyed said there were too many competing VR technologies on the market, making the decision of which to use a difficult one. And this uncertainty goes well beyond VR headsets and peripherals. Companies need to know its workforces have the client devices to handle the demands of VR workloads today and in the future.
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Precision Devices Power a World of Potential

The Dell Precision 7000 Series workstations — and the most recently announced 7530 and 7730— are designed with VR in mind. They have faster memory, professional-grade graphics, and 8th-gen Intel® processors, providing the foundation for VR content creation and advanced commercial visualisation.

Understanding your customers’ pain points in launching their VR projects is the first step in helping them make the right investments in VR. The Making VR Real report will give you the insight to do this.

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We’ve also put together a set of marketing assets to help expand your revenue potential by creating effective customer communications focused on the benefits of the new Dell Precision mobile workstations. And don’t forget you can use your Marketing Development Funds to boost your pipeline through targeted marketing programmes using our concierge agencies and these assets.

You can download all these assets on the Digital Marketing Platform, where you can also find an email your marketing teams can use to drive your customers to the Making VR Real report.

About the Author: Ralf Pearson

Based in the UK Ralf Pearson is the Global Channel Campaign Lead for Client Solutions. He is responsible for ensuring the strategic alignment of the Dell EMC partner base to the core client messaging so that their marketing activities are more impactful and generate a higher return-on-investment. With 20 years of marketing experience in the ICT world, Ralf is an experienced marketer with a proven success in driving growth through customer focused marketing.