Getting the most from virtualization

Virtualization enables businesses of all sizes to keep IT costs down while staying secure and flexible to business needs. Virtualization allows a firm to combine applications onto a single server to reduce the number of servers needed. It allows granular vision to provide insight into usage so that computing supply and demand are in sync. Virtualization pays for itself with an average of 30% reduction in the total cost of ownership and 8 months is the average time it takes to recoup the costs of a virtualization project. Find out more about Dell Virtualization or Cloud Computing solutions.

To get the biggest return on investment, keep these things in mind:

  1. Buy the right system.
    You don’t want a virtualization platform that isn’t robust enough to handle your needs but you also don’t need to overspend on too powerful of a system. It is not complicated to upgrade as your data needs grow, so key is to select the right size for now that is going to give you the best ROI.
  2. Bring in extra hands
    Bringing in external IT help for rollout will not only improve the success of the rollout, but can also help internal IT resources become more familiar with the platform.
  3. See the forest
    Create an overarching view of IT environments to analyze how a change in one environment impacts the other environments.
  4. Be the champion
    Document and publicize the benefits to promote adoption throughout the company. Only with the support of everyone in the company will these benefits be realized and appreciated, so that you can expand your virtualization efforts.

About the Author: Alan McMahon