Getting the most out of what you have with Dell SMB virtualization solutions

Increasing application demands place a great deal of pressure on back office hardware, with servers, storage and networking equipment bearing the brunt of the increased workload. For small and medium businesses, effective use of technology is especially critical as they strive to make the most out of existing resources while maintaining the flexibility to meet tomorrow’s unknown challenges.

Virtualization is the answer for many growing businesses and Dell delivers a balanced, right-sized path to virtualization for small and medium businesses whether they’re looking for a pre-packaged solution (such as Dell vStart) or flexible virtualization solutions customized to their application needs. With this foundation in mind, we’re excited to introduce our 12th generation of Dell servers – our highest performance, most manageable, most innovative servers EVER.

In a recent survey of business decision-makers amongst our small and medium business customers, they told us the ideal virtualization solution improves business productivity and efficiency, enables them to grow and innovate, and is reliable and flexible.  Our new 12th Generation Dell PowerEdge Servers harness the power of virtualization to free up resources and IT brainpower. Our new servers give customers more performance than our previous generation and the tools to achieve power efficiently. Not to mention, these new servers adapt easily to change, are prepared for whatever the future brings, work without interruption and come with dependable support. Dell provides growing businesses with the best application performance across their back office – servers (both physical and virtual), storage and network so your IT infrastructure can easily scale to meet tomorrow’s needs.

Dell’s distinct approach to virtualization and innovative technology solutions ensure our customers are getting the support they need from a vendor they can trust every step of the way.

Tell us – what are features are in our 12th generation servers are you most intrigued by?

About the Author: Antonio Julio