Getting the Unbiased View: Introducing Tech Talks

From traditional media to specialty curated webinars and videos, technology and business leaders consume content from a variety of sources to educate themselves on current and rising business challenges while staying up-to-date with the constantly evolving technology landscape. Regardless of their content of choice, they’re seeking counsel from “the experts” and want an unbiased view of the market to help them make the long-term strategic decisions required of them.

To provide leaders with a one-stop shop destination that’s one part open forum and one part seminar, we’re excited to introduce the Tech Talks video series, a new educational platform designed to expose the complexities faced by businesses. Through the series, experts from a variety of backgrounds and industries explore and discuss a range of solutions viewers have at their disposal to anticipate and overcome the next wave of challenges, providing insights and advice to all levels of the business.

The curated series provides viewers a broad perspective to help them make more informed decisions on the technology solutions available to them and how major industry vendors, including partner vendors and Dell Technologies, can help.

The first edition of Tech Talks covers the challenges and obstacles facing IT as today’s modern-day workforce rapidly embraces evolved workstyles, providing them with the flexibility to work from virtually anywhere.

Viewers will also learn how solutions like Unified Workspace evolved from industry best practices and why it’s uniquely designed to meet the workforce needs of today.

Throughout the series, viewers will hear from experts including: Michael Crones, CIO of Draper Labs; Carolina Milanesi Principal Analyst at Creative Strategies; Pat Quigley, VP of User Experience at Dell Technologies; Jason Roszak, VP of Product Marketing at VMware; Matt Hathaway, VP of Product Marketing at Carbon Black; Mark Bowker, senior analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group; and many more.

We’ll explore topics including:

  • IT leader challenges
  • Workforce evolution
  • PC lifecycle modernization
  • Securing the modern workforce
  • Facing the AI revolution
  • Embracing the as-a-service model

Make sure to catch the first edition of Tech Talks streaming now.

About the Author: Sylvia Seybel

Sylvia Seybel is the Vice President of Client Solutions Group Marketing. She is responsible for overseeing the planning, development and implementation of product messaging, creative, sales enablement and training for Dell’s PC solution portfolio as well as the development and implementation of customer engagement strategies. She is based at Dell’s headquarters in Round Rock, Texas. Sylvia joined Dell in 2001 and has worked in diverse marketing roles in Europe and the U.S.