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It’s getting cold in America! And while it may be getting snow-white where you live, we’re always thinking green here at Dell. And that goes double for us in Dell Printing and Imaging team. Why? Because green printing practices not only help businesses reduce their impact on the Earth, they also help businesses save money.

That’s why we developed Dell’s Green Printing Technology. Here’s how our green tech helps you and the environment: 

One of the best ways to decrease your environmental footprint is to reduce wasted materials with Proof Print. How many times have you or an employee printed multiple versions of a large document to find out the result was slightly off – either the formatting was off, the font was smaller than expected or the color scheme didn’t pop as much as you wanted? You then need to make adjustments and print the entire project over again. Proof Print avoids these scenarios by holding the job in memory and only printing one copy – once an employee goes to the printer and verifies the first copy looks OK he uses the operating panel to print the remaining copies.

The toner that printers use is also a key area of environmentally-conscious innovation. That’s why Dell offers Eco-Toners that are produced using materials that minimize the impact on the environment and that can be recycled after use.

One of the biggest environmental impact of any IT product is when you have to throw it away. That's why we offer free environmentally-friendly recycling for all Dell toner and ink cartridges as well as every Dell printer – we have many drop off location and prepaid shipment plans available so check out the previous links to learn more. Not only will you be cutting down on your waste, you’ll also be helping to decrease the environmental impact of ink production.

 And as part of a special program, Dell will make recycling even your old non-Dell printers easy through our special trade-in program. Receive up to 50 percent off the purchase of a new Dell printer and we'll recycle your old printer (up to 70lbs) for you, free! With America Recycled day coming up on Nov 15th, there is no better time to refresh your printer fleet and save money in the process!

We also look at the non-consumable resources our printers use to help give businesses any edge they can get. That’s why our multifunction printers that have Green Printing Technology are ENERGY STAR® compliant and 25 percent more efficient than conventional multifunction printers.

From the software side of things, Dell’s­™ OpenManage™ Printer Manager v2 allows you to easily manage networked printers and grant access to color printing for specific people – further reducing potential wasted paper and ink. And, of course, we encourage everyone to print double sided as a default.

About the Author: Paul Nicholson

Topics in this article