Good things come in small, sustainable, recyclable packages…

Those who know me know I’ve become a bit of a packaging geek. I recently tried a new flavor of Sun Chips just to try out the compostable bag (it’s in my compost pile now – stay tuned). And I think Dell’s bamboo packaging is downright genius.

What can I say – smart packaging inspires me.

You might have seen that Dell launched its latest Corporate Responsibility report yesterday. Among other things, it reports on some of the great progress Dell has made against its packaging goals. For instance:

  • Since 2008, Dell has eliminated some 18.2 million pounds of packaging from its products. To put that in context, 226 fully-loaded 18-wheelers weigh 18.2 million pounds.
  • More than half (57 percent) of Dell’s packaging materials can now be conveniently recycled by customers using their local curbside pick-up programs. How convenient that you can toss your computer box into the recycling bin alongside, say, a milk jug.
  • And speaking of milk jugs… Dell integrates post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastics – just like the ones found in old milk jugs – into its products and packaging. The company has integrated the equivalent of more than 9.5 million half-gallon milk jugs into its packaging. That’s enough to stretch from Florida to Maine, which Google Maps tells me is a 28-hour drive. …That’s a lot of milk jugs.

All of this results from Dell’s “three Cs” packaging strategy, which focuses on the cube (packaging volume); content (what it’s made of) and curbside recyclability of its packaging materials. This strategy has kept A LOT of packaging out of landfills and also makes a lot of business sense for Dell—it’s what you might call a win-win. You can read more about our efforts on this front in articles like this one from Greener Design.

I know I can’t be the only packaging geek out there. What company’s packaging really inspires you? I’d love to hear from you.

About the Author: Michelle Mosmeyer