Google+ #DellHangout Announcement: The Office Just Isn’t What it Used to Be: Evolving #Workforce #BYOD

You are invited to join Social Media influencers, thought leaders and Dell employees for a LIVE Google+ Hangout On Air!

When:   Wednesday, August 1st, 2012
Time:    12:00 PM – 1:00 PM CT
Topic:    The Office Just Isn't What it Used to Be: The Evolving Workforce
Host:     Stephen O'Donnell, CEO, Chalet Tech Inc., Author of the book “What Every CIO Wants,” Social Media addict and investor.

This Hangout will be hosted from the +Dell page so come on over to our page to watch the live feed.
Can’t make it? This #DellHangout On Air will be recorded and available for playback later.

Discussion Topics and Questions:

Part 1 (20min): People – segments within the global workforce that are shaping and driving change.

  • What opportunities are employers facing with the increasingly mobile and connected workplace?
  • What challenges also come along with this?
  • Do these new conditions affect the ability to attract top talent?

Part 2 (30min): Productivity – the role technology can play in helping employers and employees achieve productivity gains.

  • Do you agree that technology makes you more productive?
  • Are you able to get the right devices and applications to deliver results that best meet your company’s business goals?
  • How will you or your company address BYOD?

Part 3 (10min): Progress – outlines the factors that are making progress most apparent in certain geographies and sectors.

  • How is the consumerization of IT going to evolve across geographies?

This Hangout comes on the heels of the concluding report from the Evolving Workforce Study, which aims to identify and explore future workplace trends and the role that technology is playing in its evolution. Learn more in Steve Felice's blog post here: and

See the Dell Google+ Hangout Announcement. Remember to watch the hashtag #DellHangout to stay in the loop! You can also submit questions for the panelists on Twitter via #workforce.

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