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Dell has made a commitment to making improvements and investments in our culture and work environment, and closely aligning employees and business strategies for the long-term.  That is why Employee Storm was created.  Employee Storm is a website set up for employees to anonymously submit ideas around work/life effectiveness, Dell benefits, innovative ways to better utilize technology, etc. 


Most recently, Dell employees submitted ideas around the value of the 401(k) Plan.  Also, employees told Employee Storm that it would be nice to have more resources to help with day-to-day family responsibilities and important life events. Just last week, Dell introduced exciting new investments to benefits as part of the company commitment to their employees including an increased 401(k) match, back-up dependent care, will preparation, college coaches and help for new moms.  It is great to know that here, we have a voice!


And so do you…we’d love to hear your ideas around university recruiting, any  hot topics you are interested in learning about or what conversation topics you would most participate in on our blog!  Please take a moment and let your voice be heard!


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Topics in this article