Happy 1st Birthday XtremIO!

November 2014 marks the 1st anniversary of the general availability of EMC XtremIO, and what a year it’s been!!

Happy 1st Birthday XtremIO
November 2014 marks the 1st anniversary of the general availability of EMC XtremIO, and what a year it’s been!! From the initial EMC Acquisition announced at EMCWorld 2012, it was clear that XtremIO is different. The architecture was, and still is, fundamentally different than any other storage array on the market. Originally made generally available in November 2013, XtremIO demonstrated early adoption in the Virtual Desktop and Virtual Server space. XtremIO’s always-on inline data deduplication along with scale out architecture, was and is, truly revolutionary in the industry. It provides a platform for successful VDI deployments at scale.

It turns out VDI was just the beginning. With the introduction of XtremIO 3.0 Software in July, our customers immediately started to adopt new features like always-on data compression and space-efficient snapshots that instantly create high performance copies of database platforms without impacting the performance of production. Add to that the entry level 5TB Starter X-Brick and 7-year maintenance price protection and 7 year flash life endurance protection, and you start to get the picture. This is a different storage array.

Happy Birthday Architecture still Matters
So much so that I would argue that XtremIO isn’t about Flash at all. What you may ask… isn’t XtremIO an All-Flash-Array? Yes, of course it is. But the advanced data services and consistent performance capabilities are all related to how data is handled and processed by the core XtremIO software. Software that runs on the controllers providing consistent performance with full data services at scale. Flash just happened to be the media of choice when the core-software was developed. It’s all about XIOS – XtremIO Operating System. Featuring: Content-Based Data Placement, Dual Stage Metadata, XtremIO Data Protection (XDP), and In-Memory Metadata XIOS provided the foundation for additional services like compression and snapshots with more to come.

And that’s really the beauty of XtremIO one year later, and we are just beginning the journey.  Happy 1st Birthday XtremIO!

Oh, and don’t forget the $1,000,000 Guarantee, recently extended!!

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