Helping Today’s Mobile Military at LandWarNet 2010


A lot is expected of today’s military. They are not only asked to deploy to far-off lands, once there, they are asked to operate and communicate as if they were back at home. The deeper integration of technology into the battlefield environment has allowed for many fantastic advances and innovations in how the military operates, but it has also added a great deal of complexity in how that technology is incorporated and maintained. Dell’s focus as a company to reduce that complexity in a variety of environments, and that’s the perspective we tried to bring to this year’s LandWarNet 2010 conference.

Enabling and integrating technology into today’s fast-moving, mobile battlefield was a major focus here at LandWarNet 2010, and we at Dell generated a great deal of interest at the conference with our solutions that allow for mobile, networked operations. Below, Julianna Smith shows just a few of those applications that have piqued the interest of many at the conference.

The Dell Streak was a hit with almost everyone who came to the Dell booth asked to see the sleek new device. This buzz wasn’t just generated because it’s an exciting new consumer product, it’s also because word is getting out about some of the GPS enabled applications that are perfect for the military available on the Streak. Some of these applications allow for biometric identification, others even allow users to tap into Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) feeds just to name a few. Dell’s Mobile Data Center also caused a stir. Other similar options were on display at the conference, but as the Dell solution is the only that can be airlifted without sacrificing computing power, it certainly raised some eyebrows.

In Dell Public sector, we like to say we are here to serve, but when you are at a conference like this you get a sense of how true that really is. Getting a chance to talk with our customers that use our solutions to help serve and protect their respective countries, you get an idea of how we are able to help them accomplish their mission, and given the response at this year’s LandWarNet, I believe we’re doing just that.

About the Author: Joe Ayers