Hidden Value in the Dell Technologies Decision Maker Survey

Do you know how valuable your feedback can be?

In today’s world, any activity like getting our car serviced, dental work or even just leaving a store seems to trigger some sort of feedback activity.

The goal of such surveys is usually to accumulate data that companies use to guide them in their mission and evaluate their performance.

Dell Technologies Account Management Services invites customers to participate in surveys to gain valuable feedback on the performance of their Service Account Managers (SAM) and Technical Account Managers (TAM).

We are not the only company that sends out surveys to gain knowledge of our perceived value. We are not even the only division in our company that sends out these surveys on a regular basis. Customer feedback fuels our efforts to continually improve our products and services.

The SAM’s and TAM’s are key features on how customers perceive Dell Technologies’ ProSupport Plus portfolio offerings. They listen to our customers, work side by side and address their specific needs.

SAM’s know how important is to meet and even exceed a customer’s needs or requirements. They can achieve this through a reactive approach, such as being a main point of contact for the technical escalations, or proactive, with providing AI reports to understand the status of their environment at any time.

The challenge for any company is getting customers to respond to a survey. Our organization takes these surveys very seriously. SAM’s and TAM’s inform their customers on ongoing meetings that they might be surveyed, highlighting the importance of the data and feedback provided. Understanding the impact customers’ comments and feedback can have is a learning curve for customers and our team members alike. I have seen how my customers shifted from almost never answering surveys to providing a healthy amount of feedback, comments and suggestions, once they realized how beneficial it is for our relationship.

Once the survey is over, my manager and I have regular discussions on feedback received, which can potentially be forwarded to the leadership team. Such feedback and new ideas are highly appreciated as it increases our value for our customers and enables our organization to deliver continuous improvements.

For those customers who receive our survey invitation, I would highly recommend you use that opportunity to:

    • Give feedback to our leaders on your experiences.
    • Offer suggestions for improvement.
    • Share your satisfaction level with your Service Account Manager (SAM) and our Technical Account Managers (TAM).

We understand that customers may receive numerous surveys and many of them may even be automatically filtered as spam email. However, if you take the time to provide feedback to our team, we are highly grateful for your time and reflections, even if it’s limited to rating your trusted advisor. On behalf of our Account Management Services organization, and the Dell Technologies family, we hope you find completing the Decision Maker Survey useful for your journey as our customer.

Pål Gaute Wilik

About the Author: Pål Gaute Wiik

Pål Gaute Wiik has worked for Dell Technologies in a variety of roles and have been a Service Account Manager (SAM) since 2014 in the Account Management Services organization.