Hitting the High Notes with the Royal Opera House

On 22nd April, we had the opportunity to join forces with a great British institution, the Royal Opera House to host our first UK Dell Enterprise Momentum Day. Bringing together executives from our server, storage and networking teams, the event was an opportunity to demonstrate some of the key innovations and progressions that we have made in this space over the past twelve months, and to show off our achievements in creating technology that really drives business results. We were also able to provide a select few with a sneak peek into what’s coming down the pipeline in the very near future.

The last year has been an exciting time for Dell, with a raft of new products and solutions added to our portfolio. For example, the PowerEdge FX2 made an enormous impact when it was launched at Dell World back in November. We have also focused our attention on our Open Networking strategy, helping Dell Networking grow at a pace of four times the market across EMEA this year. Our latest networking announcement highlights the importance of future Open Networking solutions, with the launch of both the Dell Networking Z9100 and the S3048.

And what better way to showcase these successes by teaming up with one of our most exciting customers, the Royal Opera House, which carried out its largest IT refresh in sixteen years in conjunction with Dell and one of our partners, Circle IT.

“The core network had been in place for 16 years and was a piecemeal environment,” Jason Oliver, head of technology operations at the Royal Opera House told ITPro.

Alongside Roger Harry, CEO of channel partner Circle IT, Serge Lovacevic, technology service delivery manager at the Royal Opera House, spoke about the challenges the Opera House faced from a technology perspective. As a large and architecturally complex building, the Royal Opera House needed a powerful networking solution that would provide flexible and stable Wi-Fi coverage throughout, whilst still maintaining the Opera House’s distinct visual style. We also heard how visitors are making the most of this new deployment – for example, one recent performance encouraged the audience to download an application to their smartphone and use it throughout the show. This level of engagement would be impossible to achieve without an infrastructure prepared to handle a potential audience of over 400 people all connecting at the same time.

About the Author: Claire Vyvyan

Senior Vice President - UK & Ireland Commercial Business - Dell EMC I am proud to lead Dell EMC's UK & Ireland Commercial Business As Senior Vice President for DellEMC I engage with all of Dell's customers and partners across the UK & Ireland. It is clearly critical to ensure as a company, we are developing the technology and supporting services which absolutely meet our customers needs, as the success of business become more and more about the effective use of technology. Looking to the future, a critical goal of all successful companies of tomorrow, will be their ability to embrace and utilise new emerging technologies in new ways to create new products, new services and competitive edge. Such vision must come from the top and I am keen to support that across Dell, our customers and our partners. I'm a committed advocate for bringing diversity of thinking and vision into Dell Technologies as well as the wider environment. I regularly speak on this topic and see innovation and diversity as integrally related. Dell Technologies is highly commitment to both areas, which has been key to our success to date, and one of the reason for our recognition as one of the best companies on the planet to work for.