How Data Sanitization and Asset Recycling Improve Data Security, and the Environment

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As data grows and continues to drive strategic advantage for businesses, protecting it is critical. Security issues and data privacy regulations are escalating, demanding a greater focus on secure data management. Especially for extremely sensitive data and industries with added security risk and compliance needs, managing data in a way that prevents it from falling into the wrong hands must be a priority. The financial toll for companies can be significant, with the cost of an average data breach totaling $13 million dollars.1

That’s why Dell Technologies Services is taking steps to enhance our portfolio of data security services.  Security has always been a priority, and we strive to deliver continuous innovations that keep you ahead of mounting data security risks.  In a recent survey, 84% of consumers said they are more loyal to companies they perceive as having strong security controls.2

For the Life of Your Technology, Data Security Should Be Top of Mind

Throughout the product lifecycle, data security should be a top consideration, and Dell Technologies Services is constantly innovating to stay on the cutting edge of today’s security challenges. Consider recent innovations to Keep Your Hard Drive and Keep Your Component for Enterprise Services. You not only get the assurance that sensitive data will not fall into the wrong hands and cause severe damage, but also the ability to comply with strict data privacy standards. Replacement parts are dispatched quickly, while you maintain possession of failed parts and full control over your data. You get back up and running fast for minimal disruption and low risk to your business.

Advance IT Infrastructure While Protecting Vital Data Assets

Data security concerns are not limited to control and operation of your products. In a constantly shifting market where technology continues to drive competitive edge and progress, changes within the IT environment are to be expected. But what happens with legacy assets when you are ready to retire them? Concern for data security is one of the top reasons organizations require help with asset disposition. Whether you plan to redeploy assets in your environment, remove them to make room for new ones or refresh existing technology to keep productivity up, you need to make sure data is handled safely and according to industry and company standards to which you are held accountable.

We can help protect the security of vital data as you navigate an asset refresh or retirement, letting you proceed without fear of data being compromised. With recently upgraded services for our enterprise and client products, data will be rendered unrecoverable, aligned to NIST 800-88 guidelines, the industry standard for securing data.

For asset redeployment in the enterprise, Data Sanitization for Enterprise is for you. But when systems are no longer functional, or you just wish to remove them to make room for new ones, Data Destruction for Enterprise is the right choice. When you are ready to retire your client devices or servers – either at the end of the IT lifecycle or because new realities trigger change – Asset Resale and Recycling Services can be selected. Through the process of securely overwriting data or physically destroying the asset on which it resides, these services help ensure data won’t fall into the wrong hands. And by supplying NIST compliant certifications after service completion, we also help enable compliance with government regulations and corporate security requirements.

Promote Sustainability Without Fear of Data Compromise

But what about commitments to a sustainable future? After your legacy assets have been returned and data has been sanitized and protected…what happens next? How can you be sure that the equipment is dealt with in an environmentally conscious manner? At Dell Technologies, advancing sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. We provide convenient recycling solutions that reuse precious materials. Together, we can accelerate the circular economy, eliminating the concept of waste with services focused on reuse of old materials for a cleaner tomorrow. And for materials that can’t be reused, we have recycling options that meet or exceed local regulatory guidelines.

For client devices, we can help you resell, recycle or return to lease your excess hardware without compromising data security. We’ll sanitize all devices at our offsite facility (or at your location for added security), or in the case of non-functional devices, we destroy the drives to ensure your data is inaccessible. You can rest easy knowing that as you transition to new technology, our standardized procedures, formalized checkpoints, and meticulous documentation protect your sensitive information from the first collection point until the time it’s destroyed.

Our most recent innovation for the enterprise is Data Sanitization for Enterprise Offsite with Asset Resale and Recycle. With this new service, we help ensure security of data on specific Dell Server and Storage products as well as similar third-party systems, with an added benefit.  We remove old systems from your environment, and after data sanitization has occurred, proceed with responsibly reusing or recycling the assets.  You can free up space for advancing your technological future with the added bonus of contributing to a more sustainable one.

Ultimately, no matter which service you select, we are giving you the peace of mind that there will be no unauthorized access to private information.  To learn more about our portfolio of services visit And to get a closer look at Dell Technologies’ commitments to sustainability, visit

1 Accenture, Ninth Annual Cost of Cybercrime Study, March 2019.
2 SalesForce Research Report, State of the Connected Customer: Third Edition, June 2019.

About the Author: Steven Seserman

Steven is a Director of Product Management for Dell Technologies Services. He currently leads a team of professionals responsible for developing Enterprise Deployment offerings for Dell Technologies services portfolio.  Steve holds a BS and MBA as well as more than 30 years of experience in Customer Service, Support, Professional Services and Service Logistics.
Topics in this article