How Dell Digital Business Services is Setting the Transformation Agenda

As organizations continue to transform and adopt a business-first approach, using a digital medium is a great way to explain Dell’s Digital Business Services philosophy and show how it works in certain industries. In an earlier post, I discussed how Advanced Analytics was helping the digital transformation agenda. Building on that foundation, this video expands on how Digital Business Services enables new business models for our customers, drives a superior customer experience and provides opportunities for stronger employee engagement.

Dell Services’ consulting–led approach leverages a “Five R” methodology. We build upon the rich legacy that Dell has with social media, analytics and ecommerce to deliver the right industry context and user experience.

Our pioneering intellectual property—the Digital Industry maps—work across many industries. Dell is making new in-roads in digital transformation based on customer momentum, analysts’ recognition and the alliance partnerships we’ve established. As you can see, we’re very excited about digital transformation, and we look forward to working with you.

About the Author: Raman Sapra