How do you like your toast? Golden or dark brown – the choice is all yours!

imageIt is sometimes hard to accommodate the wide variety of personal tastes and preferences that exist in our world – even when it comes to the done-ness of your breakfast toast! It seems that even the simplest of appliances, the everyday toaster, gives us a degree of control and flexibility so we can dial in the perfect degree of crusty coating on our toast. From golden to dark brown – we are in control.

Dell’s Desktop Virtualization Solution (DVS) Simplified Appliance solution is no different – we have just updated our ground-breaking VDI appliance solution to offer additional configurations and flexibility – giving you the control to precisely address you user’s virtual desktop needs. This is so cool!

Back in June 2012 we introduced the PowerEdge 12G edition of our practical, simple VDI appliance and detailed how it consolidates a pre-configured R720 server with factory-installed Citrix VDI-in-a-Box software and XenServer hypervisor – to drive down costs and simplify implementation of an end-to-end VDI solution. This appliance solution integrates world-class Dell ProSupport for both the hardware and software giving you on-going support and peace of mind for a full three years.

Dell PowerEdge T620 and R720 serversNow we are announcing a NEW tower server model, the PowerEdge T620 to the appliance line up for installations where rack mounting is not needed or desired. The T620 configuration delivers the same performance and scalability for demanding VDI workloads as the PowerEdge R720. The DVS Simplified Appliance is perfectly complemented by the broad and deep portfolio of Citrix certified Dell Wyse cloud clients including the T class and R class clients, and the new Dell Wyse Xenith 2 zero-client. Honestly there’s no VDI use case you can’t support with this end to end solution!

We’re also announcing even more flexibility with the DVS Simplified Appliance – now you can chose from Microsoft Hyper-V or Citrix XenServer as the integrated hypervisor for the appliance. Powerful, flexible and cost efficient – we’re enhancing our desktop virtualization appliance portfolio with new flexible options while continuing to deliver cost breakthroughs. With these enhancements we offer you VDI for less than $500 per user *, and offer you a choice of server platforms, 50-user, low cost appliance configurations and cloud client options!

Dell’s DVS solutions are crushing the cost and complexity challenges often posed by other desktop virtualization solutions. With Dell’s DVS Simplified Appliance solutions you can have your VDI toast just the way you like it – golden brown to dark brown >> it’s your choice!

Here is where you can learn more about these awesome end-to-end VDI solutions and offers.

*Basic configuration cost is approximately less than $500 per user for up to 100 standard users (including single appliance, VDI software, broker licensing and support)

About the Author: Brent Doncaster

Brent Doncaster - Senior Strategist, Product Marketing Leveraging his 20+ years of technology experience into the creation of portfolio messaging for Dell EMC Cloud Solutions in support of global marketing campaigns and initiatives in Dell EMC’s Integrated Solutions Group. Twitter: @Brent_BWD