How Tech is Bolstering Life-Saving COVID-19 Efforts

Lives are on the line every minute of every day for doctors, nurses and dedicated professionals throughout the health care industry. A global pandemic like COVID-19 heightens this urgency by changing priorities, exposing vulnerabilities and disrupting efforts to save lives.

But with technology on their side, medical organizations and professionals around the world are able to make steady progress in combatting the virus while providing immediate and attentive care for those who are impacted by the disease.

“Dell Technologies has always been deeply passionate about driving human progress – and as we navigate through COVID-19, that mission is more relevant than ever,” said John Byrne, President, North America Sales, Dell Technologies. “Folks on the frontlines, especially in the healthcare space, are working wonders to take care of their neighbors and communities, from setting up temporary hospitals and securing critical supplies, to shifting resources and establishing entirely new ways of working. Put simply, healthcare workers are heroes. Their selflessness and ingenuity is simply astounding, and incredibly inspiring.”

Dell Technologies is proud to support health care organizations, hospitals and governments in the fight against COVID-19. Here are just a few examples:

Mercy Ships, which sends hospital ships to some of the poorest countries in the world, runs on Dell Technologies and VMware. Today that technology is allowing Mercy Ships to deliver important medical training online and to focus that training on skills required to treat people infected with COVID-19, including a course supporting the doctors and nurses managing the COVID-19 crisis. Mercy Ships chose Dell Technologies and VMware to modernize its IT because using VxRail HCI and workforce transformation solutions across all locations provides the stability and ease of management necessary to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of its mission.

Citizen Care Pods Corporation, thanks to their recently launched Citizen Care Pod, has made COVID-19 testing mobile. The company’s smart screening and testing pod combines intelligent technology capabilities with a modular design to help governments, businesses and communities re-open while assisting in preventing the spread of COVID-19. Bringing testing and screening to high-traffic areas can lead to faster, more thorough health care, relieve overburdened hospitals and give businesses and communities the tools they need to help prevent the spread of the virus. The mobile testing pods are the result of teamwork between industry leaders led by Citizen Care Pods Corporation and including Dell Technologies; Dell Technologies Titanium Black Partner Insight Enterprises; and Microsoft, led by media and entertainment firm Camillion Corp., architecture firm WZMH Architects and construction firm PCL Construction. Beyond COVID-19 testing and screening, the team believes the pods could eventually be used for vaccination on a mass scale.

Texas Health and Human Services knew it had to mobilize its frontline workforce quickly with the right resources and technology to protect citizens from COVID-19. Dell Technologies provided thousands of laptops which were imaged and deployed by Dell Technologies Titanium Black Partner SHI and HHSC staff during the first weeks of the COVID-19 crisis. HHS didn’t miss a beat in its critical role of protecting citizens, equipping frontline workers, and staff at living centers and hospitals.

Learn more about how Dell Technologies is working with healthcare providers to provide health IT solutions that bring positive change to patients, care providers and the community.

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