How to Determine the Right Technology Consumption Option for You

Imagine you had a trusted adviser ready to help you choose the best way to acquire your technology. This consultant would take the time to understand your unique business challenges, then help you choose an acquisition model that fit your technology usage profile and financial objectives.

Dell Financial Services (DFS) is that trusted adviser. We have thousands of conversations with customers and channel partners every year.  In the same way that Dell EMC helps you choose the right technology, DFS helps you choose the right way to acquire and consume that technology.  Here’s how we do it.

Most customers maintain and operate a varied portfolio of workloads with different usage profiles.  Some legacy applications produce predictable and forecastable usage patterns, while other environments like big data and analytics drive volatile burst capacity requirements. There is no one payment solution appropriate for every environment. At DFS, we hone in on these usage patterns to ensure our proposed consumption and payment solution aligns the customer’s value from technology with their payments made for technology.

These additional questions are also important to determine the right consumption model for you:

  • Do I want CAPEX or OPEX?
  • Do I need an on-premise or off-premise solution?
  • Do I want to buy my solution as a product, or do I want to consume technology as a service?
  • Can I commit to a specific product for a specific time or do I need something more flexible?

There’s one more general rule to keep in mind: If you can commit and be specific about what you need and how long you need it, you’ll likely drive lower compute costs per unit.

Here’s what I really like about our OpenScale Payment Solutions. They are a robust portfolio of solutions intended to address a wide variety of technology consumption and financial requirements identified by our customers. Some prefer solutions with fixed payments tied to specific equipment and specific periods of time. Others need buffer capacity installed in advance of need and only want to pay for it when it is used. More and more, customers want us to meter actual usage and charge them based on that usage.

Consumption options and payment solutions are a focus area for customers. A recent study from Techaisle indicates that as a business grows in size, financing becomes increasingly important in their technology acquisition decisions. For small businesses, it was critical or very important 46 percent of the time, and for midmarket businesses it was critical or very important 83 percent of the time. In addition, this same study showed that 35 percent of midmarket businesses are moving more to OPEX-based agreements with an additional 21 percent looking for a mix of CAPEX and OPEX-based agreements.

Dell EMC has always been committed to providing customers technology choices and helping them acquire the technology they need to successfully run their businesses. Dell Financial Services OpenScale Payment Solutions deliver on that long-standing customer commitment.

Contact your Dell EMC and Dell Financial Services sales team and schedule time to discuss your business priorities and how our OpenScale solutions can help you meet your goals.

About the Author: Mark Mostaffa