How you can solve the VDI storage capacity and IOPS challenges

In previous blogs, I introduced Unidesk – our new desktop management option for Dell Desktop Virtualization Solutions (DVS) and DVS Virtual Labs – and explained how Unidesk layering technology simplifies image management, app delivery, and user personalization in VMware View or Citrix XenDesktop deployments.  But wait, there’s more!

Unidesk’s ability to share the same OS and application layers across many desktops reduces the amount of Dell EqualLogic storage capacity you’ll need for VDI up to 70%* compared to full-sized, thick-provisioned persistent desktops.

As our joint Customer, State of Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities, attests (see and our lab tests show, this capacity reduction lets you host up to 4 times as many desktops on a single array. The improvement in storage efficiency and desktop density for either non-persistent or persistent desktops expands use cases, and makes virtual desktops easier to cost-justify.

Unidesk layering also creates the ideal IO pattern to showcase the intelligent data tiering capabilities of Dell EqualLogic hybrid SAN arrays.  Since many desktops access the same shared operating system and application layers, the blocks will be recognized as “hot” and stored on the array’s faster SSD drives.  You’ll be able to leverage the incredible IO performance and low latency of Dell EqualLogic hybrid arrays to solve the VDI IOPS problem – without needing third party IO caching solutions.

I mentioned lab testing.  Even though we already have many joint customers, we’re doing the same thing with Unidesk that we’ve already done with Citrix XenDesktop and VMware View: investing hundreds of hours of real-world testing to ensure these software and hardware ingredients work together smoothly in a rock-solid architecture.  We do this integration work, so you don’t have to.

In the near future, we will be publishing white papers and solution briefs on Unidesk with DVS, Dell Virtual Labs, and Dell EqualLogic to share more technical details and performance results with you.

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* *Overcoming the Storage Challenges of Persistent Virtual Desktops with Dell EqualLogic Hybrid Arrays and Unidesk,” a Dell-authored whitepaper, December 2011

About the Author: Janet Diaz