Humor included at no extra charge in the #DellWorld Enterprise User Forum iDRAC Hands on Lab

Lately, I’ve been posting why you should attend Dell World 2015 Enterprise User Forum and sharing highlights of what you can expect at the conference happening October 20th-22nd.  Continuing on this theme, I reached out to Doug Iler, regarding one of the Hands ON Labs he’s involved with at Dell World.

Doug, along with Jeff Mullaney and Kelly Lisai are hosting an instructor led demo on Dell embedded server management tools – the iDRAC with Lifecycle Controller.  In this lab, attendees can expect to learn how to bring simplicity and efficiency to their datacenters using the embedded management features found in iDRAC with Lifecycle Controller. 

I asked Doug a few questions about the upcoming lab:

What are the top takeaways participants expect to extract from your session?

  • The iDRAC product manager has some really bad jokes
  • I had no idea iDRAC could do all of this!  I only use iDRAC when something goes wrong
  • Dell has some cool technology to make my job as the IT admin easier
  • iDRAC has come a long way in the past few years and truly offers enterprise level features and functionality

What themes and trends will be covered in your session that won’t be covered elsewhere?

  • The nutritional value of high fructose corn syrup (time permitting)
  • Instructor lead overview of the iDRAC GUI and interactive features of 13G PowerEdge hardware
  • DRAC has tools to help you deploy, update, and monitor your server without any agents in the OS –or even having an OS at all running
  • Ask questions to the experts (well, Jeff and Kelly)

What challenges will you be addressing in your session?

  • Socks that cut off the circulation in your feet
  • IT admins have precious time; Dell can help simplify and streamline tasks & get them time back

Who will benefit from attending your session?

  • Anyone over the age of 12 (unless they have a note from a parent)
  • Anyone using iDRAC today.  Or anyone new to iDRAC.  Chances are very high we’ll touch on something new for you

Tell the readers something about your hobbies outside of Dell life.

  • Tom Cruise and I went to separate schools together
  • I enjoy travelling across the US with my wife and 2 teenage boys

Those of you that have met Doug in the past probably recognize his trademark humor.  As such, I opted to post his responses verbatim.  Thanks for the laughs this week Doug! I expect attendees to find this lab to be as entertaining as it is informative. 

I hope you can join us at Dell World Enterprise User Forum 2015 this October and learn more about iDRAC and the Lifecycle Controller. 

About the Author: Jeff Sullivan