Hybrid Cloud Made Easy

Most IT organizations today are embracing capabilities in the public cloud, and building their own private cloud.  This combination of public and private capabilities IS a hybrid cloud and it’s where leading IT organizations are going so they can fully redefine themselves, delivering today’s applications at the lowest possible cost and enabling new applications and data-driven insights to differentiate their business.

Unfortunately, building a hybrid cloud has not been easy for many organizations.  Even building an on-premises private cloud with virtualized infrastructure, automation and self-service can become a project that fails to deliver on the vision, despite investing millions of dollars and thousands of personnel hours.  If you were around for an ERP implementation in the late 90’s this probably sounds familiar.

Today, I am excited to announce that EMC is delivering the Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Solution, which enables IT organizations to achieve the outcome they have been looking for, a hybrid cloud, in as few as 28 days.  This new solution from EMC delivers infrastructure-as-a-service, fully automated with a self-service portal for application developers and sys admins to consume IT services.  It also includes operational monitoring and financial transparency, so you can bill-back or show-back to users or lines of business for their consumption of IT services.

The EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud is an engineered solution with three critical elements of work: 1) end-to-end integration and testing, ensuring all components work together, 2) pre-defined infrastructure services and 3) workflows to automate provisioning through the self-service portal.

Enterprise Hybrid Cloud

These predefined services and workflows are one reason we can enable IT organizations to achieve the outcome in as few as 28 days.  The other big reason is that we have engineered this solution to work on converged infrastructure such as Vblock or VSPEX, dramatically simplifying the delivery and deployment.

HC Kahn 2In addition to the engineered solution, EMC provides a predefined set of deployment services and “Just Call EMC Support,” so you call us and we will ensure your problem is resolved, no matter what part of the stack is the root cause.

What you get at the end of the initial deployment is a fully functioning cloud.  This cloud serves as a foundation for expansion including the addition of backup and recovery, continuous availability, platform-as-a-service for modern application development, integration with your existing IT operations, expansion to public cloud partners, and more.

Redefining IT is an iterative process, and today, that process has a clear starting point – the EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Solution.

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