Dell EMC’s New Hybrid Cloud Solution

Today EMC announced a new hybrid cloud solution and related services that aim to help move the industry further toward simplified hybrid cloud deployments. At VCE, we’ve already been working closely with EMC and our investor partners to ensure we can provide the ideal platform for customers progressing on their cloud journey, and today’s announcement is another step toward the hybrid cloud reality.

Earlier this year at EMC World, VCE and EMC collaborated on the “Build a Hybrid Cloud Live!” demonstration highlighting how Vblock Systems provide the foundation for building hybrid cloud solutions, enabling the EMC team to build a completely functional hybrid cloud in only 48 hours.

And in recent months, VCE introduced several new technology advancements to help customers build out their foundational private clouds, from which they can then add management and orchestration technologies that enable seamless connectivity to public cloud services.

These advancements include new VCE Integrated Solutions for Cloud Management, which are Vblock Systems that include pre-integrated, pre-tested and pre-validated cloud management software to automate the provisioning and orchestration of private and hybrid clouds. VCE also introduced technology onramps for Cisco Intercloud and VMware vCloud Air, which will be factory-integrated as options for Vblock Systems to enable out-of-the-box hybrid cloud mobility and disaster recovery.

All of this fits nicely into VCE’s charter of simplifying the deployment of hybrid clouds for enterprises and service providers. As a preferred infrastructure partner for customers building EMC’s new Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Solution, VCE welcomes this development as another step forward in how we can simplify IT for customers through agile converged infrastructure while helping them drive greater business value within their organizations.

For more info on EMC’s announcement, check out EMC’s Pulse blog post Simplicity and Choice? EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Solutions Deliver Both.

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