If there is one thing I hate it’s automatic updates

Some of the people that read this blog are system admins, this post is written to them. 

I am totally ticked off because I had an automatic update that I couldn't postpone and the system rebooted before I could finish a number of things I was working on.  Yeah, I got the reboot warnings, but that doesn't explain why my IT department think that their automated work is more important than my human blood sweat and tears efforts? Its a crock. And its not like I can do a lot about it, I'm not the administrator of my machine. For instance, I can't do the stuff suggested here because I don't have the authority to.

Now I get to do a bunch of re-work and its late at night and I'm freaking tired.

Can somebody give me some insights as to why things work this way before I go crazy.

About the Author: Marc Farley