IdeaStorm: April Ideas in Action Update

This month I want to review a few of the new features on IdeaStorm and let you know about our current Storm Session. Last month IdeaStorm received a new look and several new features as a part of what we have called the IdeaStorm 2.0 Project.  The upgrade has received positive reactions from site users and was featured in articles from Forbes and ReadWriteWeb.  Several of the new features made it into the IdeaStorm update that were the result of direct feedback from the community. Here are a few of the ideas that were Implemented as a part of the upgrade.   

One of the site's new features I would like to call out is the new user profile.  Users can now add avatars to their accounts as well as Bios, Interests and URL links to their social media profiles on Twitter, Google+, Linkedin and Facebook.  In order to help site users share their ideas we have added the ability to share your idea via social media and email.  I think these new features will help Idea Posters bring more attention to their ideas and learn more about each other while using the site.  Here is an example of a user profile, in this case one of our Rockstars pudgyone who has uploaded an avatar, submitted a Bio and provided the URL links to his social media accounts.  Now if other users get to know pudgyone through interacting on the site and want to learn more about him or follow him via social networks they can easily do so through these new features.      

 Another new feature I wanted to touch on is Idea Extensions.  We wanted to give Idea Posters the ability to evolve their ideas over time and through interaction with other site members.  The way it works is that as an Idea Poster you have the ability to promote a comment that has been made to your idea to be considered an extension of it.  Now if you want to add a new bit of information to your idea or like what someone else has suggested in the comments you can simply make it an Idea Extension.  This moves the comment up to the Idea Extension area just below the idea.   

Lastly I wanted to alert everyone to a great Storm Session we currently are running on the site around Mobility in the workplace.  With the growth of personal mobile devices being used in the workplace we are gathering your feedback on how your company handles this situation as well as your ideas on how to improve the experience.

About the Author: Cy IdeaStorm