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Happy New Year!  Yes, I’m a bit late with that but I do have some updates to make up for it.  CES is over and I’m sure everyone has heard about the XPS 13.  

 There is a great blog post on Direct2Dell with more information if you are interested, but I wanted to point out a few of the features that were suggested on IdeaStorm.   

  • Create a thin Dell XPS by retail_guy2009  – At less than three quarters of an inch, the XPS 13 has this idea covered.
  • Carbon-Fiber notebook by griffon – While the XPS 13 isn’t fully incased in Carbon Fiber the base is.  For those who did not know, carbon fiber is as durable as aluminum yet lighter and cooler to the touch. 
  • Use Gorilla Glass for your Edge to Edge displays by 5150Joker – That’s right, the XPS 13 uses edge-to-edge Gorilla Glass to cover its 13.3-inch 720p (1366×768) display.
  • Reduce Screen Bezel Size by iamnotjamesh – The idea includes a hypothetical situation of fitting a 15 inch screen into the case of a 14 inch system.  With the XPS 13 we went with a smaller form factor and reduced the bezel size to fit a 13.3 inch display into a form factor not much larger than competitive laptops with 11 inch displays.

The recent unveiling of the Alienware X51 included a feature suggested on IdeaStorm as well:

  • Alienware optimization software by ovittl1490 – In case you were not aware the Alienware X51 comes with a new feature:  AlienAdrenaline, enables gamers to create unique profiles which launch a series of events when activated, such as closing unnecessary programs to enhance performance, opening predetermined web link, and more.

There is also an excellent blog post about the AlienwareX51 on Direct2Dell for those who are interested.  That’s all I have for this month.  Next month I will be returning to talking about IdeaStorm 2.0 which is coming very soon.

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Topics in this article