Ideas in Action: Sputnik, OptiPlex, Copper and Storage

May was an exciting month on IdeaStorm.  We had the launch of the Project Sputnik Storm Session along with a couple of ideas being implemented.  We hope that June can be as exciting as we work with Dell TechCenter on a Storm Session to coincide with the Dell Storage Forum this month. 

The Project Sputnik Storm Session explores the combining an XPS 13 with the Ubuntu Operating System for a Developer laptop. The session received over 40 ideas within the first 24 hours and as of this writing has passed the 90 idea mark making it the most responded to Storm Session in the history of IdeaStorm.  The leader of the Storm Session, Barton George, has written a blog post about the feedback received so far and even included a handy list of articles written about the project.

May also brought us a couple of idea implementations:

OptiPlex AIO by principia was Implemented with the announcement of the OptiPlex 9010 All-in-One Desktop.

Sell ARM based systems by shiningarcanine was Partially Implemented with the announcement of the Dell “Copper” ARM server.   

This month Lance Boley with Dell TechCenter is hosting our Storm Session: Tell Us About Your Storage which coincides with Dell Storage Forum.  We look forward to hearing your storage challenges, pain points, likes and dislikes in this session. 


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