IdeaStorm Fortnightly Recap 9-5-08

In the last 2 weeks, we’ve had 2 major product announcements: the new Vostro products for emerging markets and the much anticipated launch of the Inspiron Mini. I was also delinquent in updating the status of ideas around the new Precision Mobile Workstations that launched in conjunction with the Latitude a few weeks ago, so I have included those here as well!


Let’s look first at ideas related to the new Vostro. These systems are being made primarily for emerging markets in BRIC countries. There are 2 desktops and 2 laptops models including a 14.1” and a 15.6” screen. We have updated the idea to Offer a 14.1" Vostro again!! to Partially Implemented. It is being offered in many countries, but unfortunately, much to winoffice’s dismay, only the 15.6” will be available in the US. Both of the laptop products also come with non-glare displays as suggested by anonym. Also, these systems will be available with Linux.

Inspiron 910:

And now for the Mini… As announced yesterday on Your Blog, we have officially released the Inspiron Mini. True to Dell’s practice, we did not release any detailed information prior to the official product launch, although many of you asked and discussed it on mostlyharmless22’s post Have more respect for your Inspiron Mini customers!

We did, however, listen to your ideas about the product! First and foremost, we followed jervis961’s highly rated suggestion that we Don't put the Dell logo upside down on the Mini Inspiron. We can also put to rest the debate on the name that was happening on badblood’s idea for "Dell E" Find a new name for your new computer… But the most detailed description of the Mini that was Implemented came from okroger104 to Design a UMPC to counter HP's mini-note 2133. Two other ideas that I updated to Partially Implemented are new mini laptop and True Inspiron Mini.


My last Ideas in Action update focused quite a bit on the new Latitude launch. In doing so, I neglected to include the many ideas that were incorporated into the new Precision Mobile Workstation design. mano_g from the Precision Product Marketing team has joined us to follow through with some commentary and status changes on many of those ideas. Below is a list of some of the ideas that were incorporated into the recent product launch. Expect even more to be updated by early next week.

Feel free to drop by one of these ideas if you have questions for Mano. Also note with the Precision as well as other products, we are always iterating with the planning process. If one of your ideas is not incorporated into the recent round of product releases, keep the ideas and votes coming and we’ll take them under consideration for the next series of products.

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