Innodep finds global support for surveillance platform

By Brian T. Horowitz

Expanding into additional global markets is a key goal of companies such asInnodep, a South Korea-based provider of IP-based video surveillance management applications.

Innodep was looking for a way to reach international markets such as Dubai, Shanghai and Singapore. By going global, Innodep was able to gain comprehensive tech support from its OEM partner, according to Chris Lee, general manager for Innodep.

It linked its Tybis IP video management software with Dell OEM hardware to form the Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) IP-Matrix appliance. The platformincorporates Dell PowerEdge servers featuring Intel Xeon processors as well as Dell’s PowerVault storage, networking switches and OptiPlex desktops.

With its international expansion, Innodep expects triple-digit growth for its IP-Matrix platform.

The IP-Matrix platform applies virtual technology to IP surveillance using Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V, allowing a company to host more than 20 virtual machines on a single physical server.

The appliance is being used in local government offices, police departments, banks and department stores. It enables them to view, monitor, store and search video footage.

Going global with a hardware platform 

“By partnering with Dell OEM, Innodep was able to expand the business foundation from a solution provider to a hardware-based full platform provider,” Lee told Power More.

An end-to-end OEM partner can make the difference in accelerating a company’s progress in building appliances with a global reach.

Going global overnight “means you have immediately available to you the resources you need to address customers anyplace in the world,” said Rob Enderle, principal analyst at the Enderle Group. “With the right multinational partner, [companies] can leapfrog being a small embedded platform maker and appear like a powerful multinational because they have access to the capabilities of that multinational.”

For companies such as Innodep and Innowireless, which makes 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) test equipment, an OEM partner can provide a single point of contact for IT needs and help provide guidance on which markets to target.

Innowireless was previously focused on South Korea, and was able to take its business global with Dell OEM hardware and service and support in 135 countries, said Glen Burrows, regional general manager, Asia Pacific and Japan, for Dell OEM Solutions.

“Overnight, Innowireless can start selling its solutions abroad,” he said.

When a device manufacturer is looking for an OEM to help them go global, key factors to consider are whether the OEM supplier can help customize solutions, provide competitive pricing and support products globally after they’re released, Burrows said.

Dell OEM offers warranty programs tailored to the needs of its customers, including plans of up to seven years or longer.

“Embedded software solutions are highly dependent on device functionality so it’s critical for developers to partner with OEMs that have deep design expertise as well as proven supply chain and manufacturing excellence,” Charles King, president and principal analyst at Pund-IT, told Power More in an email.

Beyond the software layer

Companies often have intellectual property they’re looking to monetize, and an OEM partner can provide the hardware platform to help a smaller company gain value in its technology beyond the software layer.

“Hardware is the critical path, and software companies typically don’t have the required skills to put together a full hardware supply chain,” Enderle said. “With an in-place and tested hardware supply chain, they eliminate that risk and are far more able to focus their skills on what they know how to do while avoiding being blindsided by what they don’t know.”

In addition to IP security surveillance, Innodep is also focused on big data and cloud computing. By working with a global partner, the company can keep its end-to-end platform connected with the Internet of Things (IoT).

“By providing the back-end platform with big data collection from IoT devices, we are moving forward to be a hybrid cloud platform provider for the safety of the people,” Lee said.

Check out the video below to learn more about how Innodep worked with Dell OEM Solutions on its IP-Matrix platform.

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