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The global nature of business today means that IT operations are now distributed across a vast variety of locations – from retail and operations branches to corporate subsidiaries and even home offices. In each location, local applications are used, cloud services are accessed and – ultimately – valuable data is created and shared. With these distributed environments however, it is hard to address application and data integration – both local integration at each location and integration across multiple locations.

Luckily, Dell Boomi enables CIOs with the tools to regain control of their IT with integration strategies that span local and universal. By automating business processes and providing real-time visibility to information through application integration, Boomi allows organizations to manage their business better.

On this note of customers, I wanted to share some of my favorite recent customer stories and the press coverage of them that highlights how Boomi is delivering on businesses’ diverse integration goals, no matter the location or need.

First on the highlight list is oneworld, the world’s premier global airline alliance. UK-based oneworld implemented a new IT hub based on the Dell Boomi AtomSphere cloud integration platform, simplifying data integration between new and existing member airlines, which include operations in Europe, Asia, the Americas and the Pacific. As noted in analyst Mike West’s post on Saugatuck Technology Blog, Boomi’s solution provides substantial time and cost savings for member airlines and reduces cost barriers for new recruits to the alliance.

Thanks to Boomi’s ability to seamlessly integrate any number of applications in a dynamic environment, oneworld’s global IT resources can spend their time on other matters, like bringing Germany’s Air Berlin into their network, trusting Boomi to streamline their data integration.

Next up is the world’s largest talent management cloud Taleo, which standardized on Dell Boomi AtomSphere to seamlessly integrate data and applications within its cloud that serves more than 20 million live users and processes up to 68 million transactions a day. Boomi helps ensure Taleo’s customers that they always have access to the data and applications they rely on to know their people and grow their business. Discussed in this interview Boomi GM Rick Nucci did with Vance McCarthy of Integration Developer News, Boomi is also helping Taleo remain internally agile by deploying AtomSphere to optimize Taleo’s own business processes.

Last, though certainly not least, is the second largest AAA auto club in the United States, AAA Northern California, Nevada and Utah (AAA NCNU), which is using Boomi as a service-oriented architecture (SOA) platform to seamlessly deploy, monitor and maintain the flow of data between its IT infrastructure and over 50 SaaS applications including, Workday and Zuora.

Don’t just take it from me though. AAA NCNU’s application integration leader Kirk Heughens had the chance to speak with Search Data Management’s Mark Brunelli about why AAA NCNU chose Boomi, and noted that our truly cloud-based, multi-tenant architecture was a key differentiator from our competition like IBM’s Cast Iron and Jitterbit. He also called out something we are incredibly proud of, Boomi’s rapid process development and deployment, which in turn means less cost for our customers.

So there you have it. A few of our most recent customers that are using Boomi to solve their diverse, and often distributed, integration needs. But as you guessed, we are not stopping the train here. Dell Boomi continues to innovate and grow its solution and I can’t wait to tell you more soon, so stay tuned…we are only really just getting started.

Check out the Boomi resources page to get more information, including a Boomi Solutions overview and a Boomi integration self-guided tour.

–Ralph Hibbs

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Topics in this article