Intermountain Healthcare: continually pushing the boundaries of healthcare technology

Dell has a legacy as an innovator, and that’s certainly the case in healthcare. But many of our customers are innovators, too, and great things happen when curious minds collide.

Intermountain Healthcare is a 23-hospital health system based in Utah that is consistently recognized as one of the most technologically savvy hospital systems in the nation. Dell and Siemens are currently working with Intermountain to move terabytes of medical imaging data into a vendor-neutral cloud-based enterprise archive. Our relationship has evolved into one of deep mutual respect and growth, where we are working closely with Intermountain’s extensive IT staff to implement the solution while pushing the limits of what’s possible.

Now, Dell and five other technology companies are supporting Intermountain’s latest initiative: a new Healthcare Transformation Lab. The ultimate goal of the lab is to bring transformational technologies to the patient bedside quickly and more efficiently. Once innovations are appropriately studied and reviewed, teams will work together to rapidly design, create and test new healthcare technologies to be used at Intermountain facilities and possibly across the nation, depending on contractual and regulatory obligations.

The possibilities are limitless and the potential to make a direct impact on patient care is huge. This is a great example of how technology is fueling the transformation of our healthcare system, and Dell is happy to play a role in it. Congratulations to Intermountain on the launch of the new lab and here’s to our continued collaboration toward a future of information-driven healthcare.

At the grand opening of the Intermountain Healthcare Transformation Lab, at left: Craig Spencer (Dell), Tamara Lamreaux (Dell), Fred Holston (chief technology officer, Intermountain Healthcare), Marc Probst (chief information officer/VP, Intermountain Healthcare), Ed Gillispie (Dell), Dr. Andy Litt (Dell), Amy Oliver (Dell), JC Madrigal (Dell).

About the Author: Dr. Andrew Litt