Interview with Rodney Rock from VMware on Cloud Computing in Canada

In early May 2012, I posted a blog on the availability of Dell Cloud Services in Canada and am following up with more information on the cloud market in Canada. To further your knowledge on Canada, I recently sat down with Rodney Rock, Canadian Datacenter Cloud Specialist at VMware for the Canadian market.

Time                      Content

  • 0.0                           Introduction of Rodney Rock
  • 0.44                        High Level Overview of Cloud Market in Canada
  • 3.00                        Growth of Private Cloud in Canada & Hot Topics
  • 4:15                        Canada Gov’t and Cloud
  • 6:23                        Language in Canada Issues : French and English
  • 7:10                        How to Contact Rodney at VMware
  • 7:25                        Final Thoughts on Canadian Market

For more information on Dell Cloud Services in Canada please contact your sales account manager or complete an online form for Dell to quickly respond to you.

Rodney Rock Bio:

Rodney Rock a native Montrealer has over 15 years of experience in technology, . Rodney worked for several leading technology organizations like BellMobility , CGI , Citrix Systems and VMware. Rodney has a background in Telecommunication and Networking.  Currently working as a vCloud Datacenter Specialist  in Canada, and  is a world wide member of the  Cloud Infrastructure Management Technical group at VMware. Primarily focused on Cloud Infrastructure, architecture and integration. Twitter – @rrock88

About the Author: Stephen Spector