Introducing Dell Networking X-Series for small business networks

Imagine this scenario… You have been promoted from tech support to IT manager. Business is going great, the company is expanding, and your boss appreciates your dedication to the job. Now he says it’s time to upgrade the network. The only problem…you are not a networking specialist. Sure, you know the basics of networking, but setting up and managing a network? Yikes!

On top of that, your boss wants to add capabilities that he knows will accelerate business with new levels of efficiency and productivity. Employees are now spread across a larger area, so the boss wants to replace the old PBX with VoIP, add UC capabilities, and expand wireless coverage. With growing workloads, network traffic is pushing the limits of the existing network. How do you design a network that can meet these needs, support the new functionality, in a way that you can configure and manage, without taking time off to get a networking certification? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

We are excited to introduce the X-Series, a brand new family of smart web managed switches from Dell Networking. These switches are designed first and foremost for ease-of-use while providing our customers enterprise-class features, performance, flexibility, and reliability needed in today’s fast pace business environment.

But what really sets the X-Series apart is the entirely new web user interface. Our engineering team has designed this interface from the ground up to provide very simple, efficient, and intuitive control of X-series networking switches. Configuration is a breeze with wizards to guide you through initial setup, individual or batch port configuration, LAG assignment, and VLAN setup. You can also access more advanced features easily and logically through a well-organized menu structure. The dashboard shows the network status at a glance with a graphical representation of port status and network performance. It highlights recent events and alerts, and guides you through resolution of issues as they occur.

The X-Series has 9 models, ranging from compact 8-port switches, to high density 1RU 52-port switches, and the industry’s first all fiber 10GbE smart web managed switch for network aggregation and high speed server attach. Each 1GbE model is available with optional PoE support (PoE+ on 26 and 52 port models) for easier installation of VoIP phones, wireless access points, security cameras, and other Ethernet powered devices. The X1008 can even be powered by PoE, providing additional switch ports in areas where wall power may not be readily available. For longer distance switch connections, the 18 and 26 port models support 1GbE SFP fiber uplinks and the 52 port models support 10GbE SFP+ fiber uplinks.

X-series switches combine cost effective, enterprise-level network control with consumer like ease.  They provide small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) a competitive edge, while fitting into the constraints of limited IT resources, providing the business the powerful, dependable network they need to succeed in today’s fast pace business environment.

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About the Author: Steve Davis