Introducing Simplicity into VDI with DVS Simplified

Don’t you love it when complex things magically solve themselves if you will it to happen?  That is exactly what is happening to desktop virtualization.

Until now, exploring desktop virtualization might have been seen challenging for many organizations. You hear the reasons all the time, it’s too costly, too complex, yet the benefits of virtualizing desktops are undeniable and you want in.

DVS Simplified, the latest and greatest addition to the Dell Desktop Virtualization Solutions portfolio, addresses these concerns and removes the roadblocks in the path to desktop virtualization. DVS Simplified is a simple, practical VDI appliance, and is ideal in environments without the kind of IT staff it typically takes to deploy desktop virtualization and in smaller environments that can’t be serviced by a large, central datacenter, like a small business or a branch office of a large organization.  It is also appealing for larger, decentralized organizations with budget/cost challenges and basic management needs. How? Allow me to explain.

The core tenants of what defines DVS Simplified is exactly as its name implies, simplicity – easy to deploy, easy to manage, and easy to expand.  But wait! There is more – it is easy on your budget as well with basic deployments costing well under $500 per user.  DVS Simplified comes from Dell as a fully integrated appliance with all of the necessary software, including the XenServer hypervisor and Citrix’s VDI-in-a-Box software. You simply need to plug in the appliance and begin configuring your VDI environment via the wizard-based setup. Yes, it is that simple!

And thanks to its inherent simplicity, there is no need for expensive and complex datacenter equipment such as shared storage.  Nevertheless, you still receive the same rich end-user experience provided by Citrix HDX, the same protocol used in their enterprise-class product XenDesktop.  This also means that any end point device that supports Citrix HDX through the Citrix Receiver is automatically supported by DVS Simplified as well making your workforce incredibly happy.

Because the DVS Simplified appliance is so easy to deploy, you have the choice to do so on your own, always knowing that Dell will be there to help if needed.   Dell ProSupport is included with every appliance, providing 3-year support for all aspects of the hardware and software and making Dell your one-stop for any assistance.  Dell also has a number of optional services, including JumpStart Training and Remote Advisory Service to help get you started.

Isn’t it exciting? We certainly think so. DVS Simplified is reshaping the desktop virtualization market and now you can be part of that. Read more about Dell Desktop Virtualization Solutions and DVS Simplified and let us know how you foresee this solution working for you.

About the Author: Janet Diaz