Introducing the Inaugural Dell World Impact Awards

At Dell, we work hard to provide our customers with solutions that solve problems and help them tackle some of the world’s biggest challenges. From client to data center products, each Dell solution is crafted with important input and feedback from our customers to better meet their needs.

At Dell World this year, we want to showcase how a handful of innovative Dell customers are using our solutions to drive positive outcomes for their organizations and the world in the areas of big data, cloud, the Internet of Things, mobility and security.

We’ve selected six category winners, but we need your help to name the first-ever Dell World Impact Awards People’s Choice winner. A $20,000 Dell product prize package will be donated to a charity of their choice.

Cast your vote today by visiting or via the Dell World mobile app, which is available for download today at Voting closes at the end of the day Oct. 21, and the winner will be announced during the Dell World closing session Thursday, Oct. 22 at 11:00 a.m. U.S. CDT.

Without any further ado, please meet the category winners of the inaugural Dell World Impact Awards:

Big Data

University of Florida To process the vast amounts of big data required to conduct leading-edge research, the university unveiled its supercomputer, HiPerGator, in 2012. One of the most powerful university supercomputers in the US, and comprising Dell PowerEdge servers, HiPerGator is accelerating research in the physical sciences and in the humanities, as well as improving clinical patient care. Because of HiPerGator’s processing speed, *** can now be brought to market more quickly, weather predicted more accurately, and brain scans processed in greater numbers. The latter, for example, was a critical part of a study looking at the influence of HIV on the human brain. Using a standard four-core computer, it would have taken five months to process patient brain scans, but HiPerGator crunches the data in just 17 hours.


Owens & Minor – This company has transformed itself from a wholesale distributor of medical and surgical products to an international healthcare logistics and supply chain solutions company using the cloud to connect 1,500 manufacturers to 4,000 healthcare providers for same-day delivery of 200,000 medical supplies anywhere they are needed at the point of care. Owens & Minor invested $50 million in new capabilities to support a transformation funded in large part by efficiencies gained from having Dell manage their infrastructure in the cloud. The company launched two new offerings: the first helps hospitals stock medical products on-site; and with the second offering, Owens & Minor assembles and delivers custom procedure kits based on a specific surgeon’s needs. Owens & Minor credits its partnership with Dell with opening new doors within healthcare, helping it reach beyond the hospital loading dock to serve supply needs in the hallways, storage rooms, patient rooms and even operating rooms.

Internet of Things

ELM Energy, LLC – This company takes a smarter approach to electricity and energy supply management for its commercial customers. It uses the Internet of Things to analyze data from all power sources – utility grid, alternative sources like wind, solar and battery storage – and automates customers’ power supply decisions, maximizing energy savings. ELM Energy’s technology dynamically switches power consumption between grid supply, traditional backup generation and renewable energy sources by managing endpoints and collecting data on pricing, availability and demand across the grid and alternative sources using a Dell IoT Gateway. This data is simultaneously transferred to ELM’s FieldSight Cloud for long-term analytics and refinement. ELM’s novel approach provides the stability of traditional power generation while maximizing the value of renewable sources. It helps customers optimize power consumption and minimize costs, ensuring that energy remains affordable and allowing them to sell power back into the grid when they have an excess.


We have two outstanding stories to share in the category of Mobility: Clear Creek Independent School District (CCISD) and Société Générale.

Clear Creek Independent School District serves more than 41,000 students and prides itself on being a leader in visionary education. Innovative technology programs form the cornerstone of 21st century learning in the district, and are empowering both teachers and students to use technology in exciting new ways. For example, a district-wide 1:1 student device initiative personalizes learning to accommodate a variety of learning styles and helps better prepare students for graduation. The program has sparked new interest in many previously under-performing learners, transforming them from students “at risk” to those “with goals.” It also includes a teacher training matrix with videos detailing how to use technology to teach lessons which has accelerated adoption of technology in classrooms, and a Student Technical Support Summer program that provides real-life work experience for students.

Société Générale, a financial services company founded 150 years ago, has never stopped looking forward and is building the “the bank of the future” through digital transformation and employee engagement, deploying 60,000 tablets to employees in six months. Prior to this initiative, in 2013, Société Générale had asked employees to use the tools of social media and digital engagement to conceive and design the bank of the future focusing on three key areas: customer relations, internal working methods and digital technology. The result: 15,000 employees generated 1,000 ideas on strategies such as remote working, post-trade digital banking, digital safes and an internal wiki.


Rabobank – Data security is a top priority at Rabobank, a global bank that must align with compliance policies from various governments and regulators. Innovative data management and security safeguard both Rabobank’s competitive advantage and professional reputation. On a micro level, Rabobank secures all employee systems including PCs, laptops and smart phones globally so that data is kept safe even as staff move about or transfer data from one device to another. On a meso level, a global identity and access management solution supports all HR and business processes, including new employee on-boarding and access rights for those who move to new roles. On a macro level, Dell SecureWorks provides critical security information based on firewall activities. To empower a mobile, future-ready workforce, and by standardizing on Dell notebooks, the bank simplifies security and maintenance.

Congratulations to all of our Dell World Impact Award winners! Learn more about how they are leading tremendous change and progress on the Dell World mobile app or at And don’t forget to cast your vote for your favorite. See you next week!

About the Author: Marius Haas